10 Years After – 41



The High Lord lost his balance but somehow managed to dodge Shia’s attack. This left a small opening.

And I was not going to miss it. I immediately unleashed a rain of attacks over him.


The High Lord’s body twisted and contorted in a way that was impossible for humans.

It was as if he were made of dough and there were no bones in his body.

But even with such abnormal movements, he was not able to dodge all of my attacks.

His left arm went flying.


“You bastard…”


The High Lord lept back in order to create some distance between us.

As for me, I was shocked that my last slash had not cut his body into half.

But I didn’t allow it to show on my face.


“I got your left arm.”

I say cooly.


“My left arm? What are you saying?”

And in a flash, the High Lord’s left arm regenerated.


“What does this mean?”

Shia said in confusion.

Up until now, any vampire limbs that were severed by the Devil King Sword had turned into ash without regrowing.


The High Lord smiled.

“It seems you have quite the fearsome sword. But that won’t work on me.”

“It-it does not work on him?”

Shia was a little shaken. And so I said comfortingly,


“He has more magic than Lords. It just means that it can’t absorb it all in one blow.”

“I see. So it is not as if it isn’t working.”


Just then, the High Lord silently unleashed a volley of ice arrows.

The ice arrows were incredibly fast. And there were so many. And I could not predict their trajectory.


Shia rolled to the side and desperately dodged them.

I smacked the spears out of the air with my sword.

The temperature in the room was dropping rapidly.


Shia’s movements were quick, but not quick enough to dodge all of them.

Her clothes, hair, fur, and ears were all frozen at the tips. I didn’t think she would last much longer.


“You fools. Did you think that two Warriors could defeat me?”

“Eh? I should be asking you that. What made you think you could beat me?”


I unleashed my fire magic. In a flash, the temperature in the room began to rise.

I was careful to ensure that Shia and the dog inside of the cage were not burned.


“When did I say anything about being a Warrior?”


Every one of the High Lord’s ice spears boiled and evaporated.

I had the Devil King Sword in my right hand and my left hand was enveloped in flames as I charged at the High Lord.

My sword tore his reactive barrier open. The High Lord blocked my attack with a look of desperation.

In the next instant, my blazing left hand smashed into his face.





At the same moment when the High Lord let out a scream, Shia’s sword pierced through his back and into his heart.

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  1. They call this “F-rank warrior”? Even if he isn’t using magic, he can go toe-to-toe with a vampire high lord that is a kingdom-level threat.

    • You know those games when an unarmed lv 100 mage canon punch low level warriors right?
      Now add lv 100 mage with Excalibur.

    • It’s how the guild evaluated him because he had no record of achievements as a warrior. No one knows him and thinks he’s that weak.

      Tbh his cross-classing started a long time ago when he was fighting demons, and even if he was an actual beginner with the sword he’d still be stupid strong.

    • Adventurer ranks aren’t strictly measurements of power, it is also a measure of trustworthiness, since he wants to be seen as an unknown quantity, people will judge him as untested, only after proving that he can complete quests will his rank be re-evaluated. No matter how powerful a person is, if they fail simpler F-rank quests, they will not be trusted with important jobs.

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