Boku wa Isekai de Fuyo Mahou – 113

A Useless Pawn


I said that to Tamaki.

But in fact, it wasn’t really hard to kill the fifty people who gathered in front of the Cultivation Center.


There was no need to ask Arisu or Tamaki for help.

I just had to use my summon magic and call a random familiar. Then give the order to massacre.


Either that, or I could have Lucia burn them with fire magic.

A few might slip away, but that was forgivable.

They wouldn’t be able to survive on their own anyway.


These men had used women as outlets for their desire, hurt the weak, and become Shiba’s subordinates.

Their actions deserved much hatred from us of the Cultivation Center.

Not only did most of them accept our actions, but many of them cheered us on.


Not all of them, though.

For instance, Arisu and Tamaki’s friend, Sumire Suginomiya.

She had abstained earlier, and was kind hearted. What would happen?


If explained properly, she should likely understand that it was unavoidable.

Still, there was a chance that it would leave a bad aftertaste.

We wanted to keep the unity of the Cultivation Center precious.


What if we had wavered and dealt with them more softly?

Now, that would actually put our unity in danger.

A commander who let such horrible men go would be worthy of being denounced.


It was because these factors were being put on a scale, that Shiki was still not sure.

Besides, there was the other factions of the senior group, the one’s around Yuki.

What would they think about our handling of the situation?


Shiki, Lucia, and I went into a private room and locked the door.

Lucia was the first to open her mouth.


“Is the reason that you do not attack swiftly, have anything to do with this world’s idea of what is normal?”

“You’re saying that we’re too soft, aren’t you?”


Shiki folded her arms and had the kind of bitter expression, as if she had swallowed a bug.


“I won’t deny it. Only three days ago, we were in a world with no war, let alone violence. There will be a strong objection to killing others. …Even me. Regardless of what I’ve said, I was quite spoiled by Kazu.”


Well, I don’t actually mind it if people rely on me…

Our eyes met


“I bet there is another reason as well.”

“Well, to be honest. I just sent a crow familiar to the seniors. To tell them about what happened at the Cultivation Center.”


There were others besides me who had chosen summon magic.

Summon Water and Summon Bread were quite useful.

Also for messengers, like now.


“I attached a letter to the crow…asking Yuki about what we should do about the guys they exiled.”

“What kind of answer are you expecting?”

“I think Yuki will come in person.”


Probably. I nodded.

He tended to have a strong sense of responsibility when it came to these things.

Still, I felt like it would just complicate the situation…


“If the people attacked Yuki, we would have a good excuse to kill them all.”


Shiki said with a grin.

Uh, yeah. Exactly.

She really was a villain.


Shiki wanted a reason.

A reason that made if obvious to anyone that they needed to be taken care of.

She wanted something to destroy the subconscious mental block that said killing was wrong.


“If you are all so averse to killing, I do not mind doing it myself.”

“But this is our problem. And it is necessary for us to break out of our shells. It might get troublesome, but I would like it for you to be quiet and watch.”


Lucia and Shiki stared at each other.

Or perhaps I should say, glared at each other.


It was like two monsters sizing each other up.

Their expressions were of laughter.

But their eyes were not laughing.


The horror.

Arisu, help me!


“Kazu, don’t look away as if you’re not part of this.”

“Uh, I just felt embarrassed because of your breasts. You know, I’m a healthy young man, after all.”

“Yes, yes. I will tell Arisu you said that. But now, I want to hear your opinion.”


I thought about it for a moment, and decided to talk about the thing that Tamaki had spilled earlier.


“I met a resident of this world. This person who was the leader of this group that called themselves the Citizens of Light… A prophet-like person called Rin. According to her, this continent is going to be destroyed tomorrow.”


Shiki looked at Lucia.

The princess of the fallen elf country nodded.

Shiki folded her arms and looked at me.


“Are you sure?.”

“It may sound outlandish, but it is true. And I think we will have to cooperate with the Citizens of Light tomorrow in order to prevent it.”


“We will fight together. Depending on the situation, it may not just be us of the top team, the second team or people from Yuki’s place may join as well. I think…”


Shiki nodded with understanding.


“The Cultivation Center will not be guarded very well.”

“That’s what will happen with most of the fighting force gone. It will give the outsiders a chance.”

“So you think we should deal with them now? No cowardly, roundabout plans or steps?”

“I won’t waste my breath. I agree that Lucia should not do it. She’s a newcomer, and it will hurt her position. But if I just did it on my own, I think that most people will accept it.”

“But not all of them.”


I shrugged.


“And that’s fine too. Let’s think about what’s important. And what’s important is that we are all alive tomorrow and the day after that.”


Boku wa Isekai de Fuyo Mahou to Shoukan Mahou wo Tenbin ni Kakeru

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  1. VERY happy to see you considering taking this up. Please do. If anyone else likes this series as much as I do, I think a sub wouldn’t be out of the question.

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