10 Years After – 122

Philly’s Odd Way of Talking


Charlotte watched and fidgeted as her younger sister threw her arms around Grulf’s fur.

Marie was hugging him tightly and petting the wolf to her heart’s content.

And so I turned to Charlotte.


“Your Highness, please do not hesitate.”

“Thank you, Grand Duke.”

“You can just call me uncle.”


Charlotte looked at her father with uncertainty.


“If that’s what Locke wants, I don’t mind.”

“Yes. Thank you, uncle Locke.”


And then Charlotte petted Grulf.


At the same time, Tama came up to me.

Tama was the loyal dog that had stayed by Philly, even though he had become very skinny.


“Tama. How have you been?”



Tama put his paws together neatly and sat down.

I petted his neck and back.

You could still feel the bones under the fur.


“Looks like you still need to gain some weight.”

“He is given ample amounts of food now, so I do believe that he will return to his normal state soon.”

“What does he eat? Grulf is a spirit beast, so he can eat anything.”

“I give him meat and potatoes.”

“I understand meat, but potatoes?”

“It is said that potatoes will make them fat, and one should avoid giving it to them, but Tama is very weak and…”

“That’s true. Tama needs to fatten up a little.”


Milka heard this and said,


“Leave Tama’s food to me!”

“I am also good with taking care of dogs!”


Nia said excitedly.

As I petted Tama, Eric added,


“I am sorry for bringing my daughters so suddenly.

“No, it’s fine. You should all visit whenever you like.”

“I wanted them to walk through the secret passage at least once.”

“I see.”


As it would also be used for emergencies, it was best that they could navigate it without trouble.

After all, it might result in a fatal accident when the time came.

Eric was right.


“And they also really wanted to meet Lord Gerberga.”


Eric looked at his daughters with gentle eyes as they played with Lord Gerberga.


“Charlotte. Marie. You have to promise me that you won’t come here without the permission of me or your mother, unless it is an emergency.”


“Yes, father.”

“Yes! I know!”

“It’s a promise then. Understand?”




And then I whispered to Eric.


“Eric. You came at the perfect time. There’s something I want to show you.”

“…Is it related to the dragon?”


They had heard Kathe even at the palace. It was very embarrassing.


“It is related. And it relates to the vampires as well.”

“I see. Just give me a moment. I will take the girls back first.”


He didn’t want them to hear stories of blood and violence.


“Oh, if you’re going back to the palace, could you bring me a magic tool that will allow me to talk with people far away?”

“…Those things are very expensive. I don’t know if there are any to spare.”

“I see. It’s fine then.”


At this point, Nia was also playing with the princesses.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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