Realist Demon King – 35

City Building Shift


There were reasons that construction was able to finish so quickly.

The first was that Gottlieb was a brilliant leader and planner.

The second was that the architects that worked under him were very capable.

The third was something that I had devised.


In this world, construction was generally done through human strength. There were no machines such as bulldozers or cranes like they had in some other worlds.


But on the other hand, this world had demons.

And so I gathered together some ingredients and put them in the Klein bottle.

I had to summon people who were very big.



There had been a merchant in town who sold fossils that were said to contain the bones of giants. I added those along with the horn of a unicorn.


I imagined the giant as I sent my magic into the bottle. The ingredients went in, and a famous monster came out.


Rarity: Gold Rare ☆☆☆☆

Race: Giant, Cyclops

Job: Warrior

Combat Ability: 1788

Skill: Monstrous Strength


The thing that came out was so tall that I had to look up.

A cyclops that was about eight meters in height.

It reminded me of a small mountain.


They would fight as viciously as any demon on the battlefield, but they had other uses as well.


Yes, they were so large as to able to become substitutes for machinery.

Substitutes for bulldozers or cranes.

And that was a great thing to have in this world.


These cyclopes could carry large stones and materials and raise pillars as if they were nothing.


Demons tended to be proud, but the giant tribes were more simple and even preferred this kind of labor.


They silently obeyed the orders of the construction division and lay stone over stone.


There were other monsters that I summoned too. As well as those already summoned and even more humans that were hired. And so construction moved along at full speed.


The work continued for twenty-four hours a day.

Saint Jeanne frowned when she heard of this.


“You truly are a Demon King. Even the devil wouldn’t force people to work for twenty-four hours.”


“Well, neither would I. We have established a shift system.”



“Eight hour work days. Each team works at different times.”


“I see. Well, that is at least fair.”


“That’s the way we are at Ashtaroth Castle. There is no overtime.”


There were eight hour shifts and a bonus for those who worked during the night.


Furthermore, I summoned many Salamanders, or fire fairies, so that the builders could work safely.

The tongues of the Salamanders kept their surroundings well lit.

There were also rest breaks during the eight hour shifts, and of course, food was provided.


Eve had selected the cooks herself and created a high calorie menu to keep the workers healthy.


And like that, three months passed.

To be precise, the city was completed in eighty-nine days.

Not all of the interior work was complete, but people now had places to live.

And so the residents seemed very happy as they entered their new houses.


Apparently, they were very comfortable, and people would bow their heads and thank me every time I walked through the streets.


“Lord Ashtaroth, it is because of you that we have a fine place to live.”

“Bless you for accepting such wanderers as us.”

“We are much more comfortable here than we were in Sabnac’s city.”


They told me.


Every time I would tell them that their words were best directed towards the planners and architects, however, the architects then told them to thank me.


Gottlieb would say,


“It was the Demon King who gave me the freedom to work as I please. He hired my architects with generous wages and increased their morale. Things would not have happened so swiftly without the Demon King.”


Eve would add,


“I happen to know that the Master has worked tirelessly without a single nights rest for these past months. Aiding Gottlieb, negotiating with the residents and managing the workers, all of this was because of my Master’s work.”


Eve lowered her head in admiration.

Saint Jeanne continued.


“Yes, the Demon King is not only adept during battle, but in governing. He is the greatest of the Demon Kings.”


realist demon king

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