Realist Demon King – 8

Envoy of the Stellar World, Meteor

We arrived at Demon King Sabnac’s castle.

There were a few kobolds standing guard there.

Kobolds were dog-like demi-humans.

They looked at me with annoyance and questioned:


“Who are you? Do you know that this is the castle of Demon King Sabnac?”


I answer.


“Of course, I know. I am the Demon King Ashtaroth.”


“Ashtaroth…? I have never heard of you.”


One of the kobolds answered, but the other had recognized the name.


“Ashtaroth, I have heard that name. A newborn Demon King who has recently sworn allegiance to Sabnac.”


“Oh, I see. And so it is for this one that Sabnac has gone out to fight. …So? Why is he here then?”


The kobolds argued that since Sabnac was out there fighting for me, I should be there in the field as well.


I couldn’t fault their logic, even if they were dogs. And so I answered.


“A brave warrior such as Sabnac will scatter those humans with ease, with or without my help.”


“That is true. Our army is strong.”


“And so I have brought a tribute instead.”


“Tribute? Is it meat?”


The kobolds began to pant and wag their tails.


“Perhaps there will be meat. However, that meat will come from your corpses.”


What do you mean by that! The two kobolds roared. And I began to chant.


“The time is ripe. Let the stars tremble and rain! Meteor!!”


What I chanted was a magic that caused meteorites to fall from the sky. It was a powerful magic that only skilled magicians with immense power could use.


Thick clouds blanketed the sky, and from it, came red streaks that shot to the ground.


The chunks of stone burned red hot as they entered the atmosphere, and they smashed into Sanac’s walls at a frightening speed. The wall crumbled.


The power was enough to blow the kobolds off of their feet and burn the trees that grew in the garden.


Eve could not help but open her mouth.


“So you are not only a great strategist, but a powerful magician.”


“I wouldn’t go that far. But it is enough to make a hole in their wall and kill a dog or two.”


The kobolds were shaking with fear, and it was easy for me to slip around them and slit their throats with my dagger.


Of course, I was holding back in a way.

There was no need to send their heads flying when this would do just as well.


I liked cats, but I also liked dogs. And while these were kobolds, I need not kill too excessively.


Well, killing unexpecting guards didn’t leave the best after taste.


After defeating the guards at the gate and making a hole in the wall, I gave Eve an order.


“Send the wood golems in first.”




She bowed respectfully and gave the order.


“These golems do not require detailed orders. They would not be able to remember them, in any case. Just let them run wild. I expect nothing more from them.”


“So you will have the golems create chaos within the castle walls and attract attention. Meanwhile, the orcs can be sent in to raid the storage houses.”



realist demon king

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