Boku wa Isekai de Fuyo Mahou – 113


Shiki thought for a moment.“You’re right,” she said with a sigh.


“In that case… We’re just wasting time here by talking.”


She said with a glare.

Her hands were at her hips and her chest puffed out.


“But Kazu. You cannot go and do it alone. You will kill under my order. Understand?”


Well, I expected her to say that.

That was Shiki for you.

Stubborn ass.




We decided to attack from the roof.

We exited the room and headed for the stairs.

Arisu and Tamaki followed us silently.


A few girls stood in front of the stairs.

They were all magic users.


“Please let us fight too.”


One of them had hair up to her shoulders that was dyed brown, and she wore frameless glasses.

Her name was Shio Mogami.

A second grader who used fire magic.


“My fire magic rank rose to 5 while you were gone. I think I can be of use to you.”


I looked at Shiki.

She shrugged her shoulders and said, ‘They seem to adore you,’ with an ironic laugh.

Damn it.


“Fine. There shouldn’t be too much danger if you can attack from the roof. But just in case, I want several people to wait at the entrance on the first floor… Arisu and Tamaki, you two will be in command of them. If the time comes…you know what to do.”


There was a possibility that after being attacked from the people on the roof, that they would make a desperate attempt to enter the building.

It could happen.

In that case, it would be up to Arisu and Tamaki to kill them.


Though, I preferred it if they didn’t have to soil their hands.

But this was really no time for such thoughts.


Besides, there was also the matter of the Pacifists who had attacked us near the world tree.

Humans or demi-humans that sided with the monsters.

It was possible that we would have to face them in the future… Maybe this would be good practice for when the time came.


I didn’t feel comfortable about this, but it was also bad to be over protective.

Especially since the world could end tomorrow.


We had to think about what was important.

I didn’t save the children of the Cultivation Center out of pity.

We had decided that it was necessary to enhance our fighting force in order to survive. That’s why we helped them.


Arisu and Tamaki replied cheerfully and ran down the stairs.

The rest of us, along with four of the girls, moved up to the roof.


When the door opened, the noon wind blew at us strongly.

I couldn’t see them yet, but the jeers of the senior men could already be heard.


Maybe they would say something if they saw me.

Perhaps they would laugh and taunt me for having been bullied.

Thinking about it made me want to back away.



I wanted to at least see the faces of those I was about to kill.


I walked over to the guard rail…

Then Shiki said, ‘wait.’


“Kazu. You should just summon your familiar.”


“You are our trump card. Our hero.”


Shiki said. And then she glanced at the girls who seemed to be hesitating.

Oh, right. We didn’t want any unnecessary questions.

It wasn’t about how I felt. They wanted me to look like some charismatic figure.


“Summon Greater Elements: Wind, Summon Greater Elements: Fire.”


I called the two advanced spirits.

Perhaps they didn’t need it, but I cast the usual support magic as well.

Keen Weapon, Physical Up, Mighty Arm.


Next, I cast Clear Mind and Smart Operation on Lucia, Mia and Shio Mogami and the others.

Once again, Shiki did not want Clear Mind.

She really was a masochist!


“Alright, let’s go.”


Shiki slowly walked over to the guard rail.

The men on the ground started to shout.



There was something strange about the way they sounded…

I was moved by curiosity and peeked from the shadows of the water tower.

The senior guys were all looking towards the mountain and not at us.



I looked in the same direction.

The top of the mountain and then above that.


Then I saw it.

It was an island.

A small island was floating, moving passed the mountain even now.




Mia said weakly.

Was she in awe?

No, but…


I looked towards Lucia, who was shaking next to me.

I took her hand.


As if suddenly remembering herself, she turned to me.

Her fine face was terribly pale.


“What is that?”

“It is said that the Demon Lord has four officers. They call them the big four.”


Lucia said. 


“A floating fortress. That is one of the Demon Lord’s officers. It is Demon General Zagarazina’s castle.”


And then she continued.


“My country was destroyed by that floating fortress.”

Translator: I’m thinking about it.

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  1. Thanks for picking up this series, pal. If you decide to continue translating it, please re-do chapter 112, I think the previous one is incomplete.

  2. To be honest, I am surprised to see a new release! Thank you for considering this series. Don’t know if you will continue to translate it or not, but I do hope you will. Thanks for the treat.

  3. Really thanks very much for continuing this project, which although not very prominent, has several assiduous fans, when I started reading I read the 4 volumes released at once, and now I hope you can continue, see this work here left me very happy ..

  4. I sincerely hope you’re still thinking about it. I very much want to be able to finish reading this story. TY for the chapter.

  5. Thanks for translating this. It is of a lot better quality than previous translator and better a little than first one.

    But what the f*** MC is waiting for before he kills the rapists? It is free exp waiting to be harvested. It is too late to be a goody two shoes typical ball-less japanese MC who can kill monsters on whole sell level but can’t kill humans thet deserve to be killed. He prepared a trap to kill his head bully before going to this world and he killed him already so why turning soft now? Did editorial department put their foot down to make a wishy washy MC so late in story? Did the appearance of floating Island save those rapists? What the hell?

    Thanks for chapter

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