10 Years After – 123


“This is grave news.”

Eric’s face darkened.


“And from what I heard from the vampires, it would not be strange if they have acquired some of them already.”

“I see…”


Shia tilted her head to the side.


“But why did the dragons ever want to create the Fool’s Stone? Did they need them for something?”

“Shia. That is quite wrong.”

Philly shook her head.


“What do mean by that?”

“This is an alchemy machine. It can make more than just the Fool’s Stone.”

“Philly. Are you saying it can make the Philosopher’s Stone as well?”

“It is possible.”

Philly replied without hesitation.



Eric said with surprise.


The Philosopher’s Stone was used as the core for the barrier of divine protection.

It would definitely bring about a great advancement in human civilization if they could make them easily.

Even smaller towns would be able to have the barrier.


“Philly. This machine can easily make both stones?

“Not easily. It will be difficult to get the materials.”

“And what materials are those?”

“I would like to explain the preconditions first…”


Philly said.

Normally, neither the Philosopher’s Stone or the Fool’s Stone required much in terms of ingredients.


“You can make them with ordinary materials you can find anywhere.”


“Of course, the measurements and preparations of the materials is not easy. It requires a lot of precision.”


And that is why no one else but Philly was able to make them.

It was documented, and yet they were unable to.

Even the dark ones were unable to replicate it after learning it from Philly.


“But this machine simplifies the process.”

“I see.”

“But now you can’t use ordinary ingredients.”

“Which ingredients do you need?”

“The Philosopher’s Stone requires the magic stones from monsters. And a lot of them. The Fool’s Stone uses the flesh and blood of god beasts and human life. Plainly, you need a great deal of sacrifices.”

“Would a goblin be able to do it with the right materials?”

“I wouldn’t go that far… But it would be quite easy for vampires and humans.”


Eric opened his mouth gravely.


“In any case, it is clear that the dark ones must not have these.”


“Can I ask you to keep it safe?”

“Why not store it in the palace treasury?”

“I think it would be safer with you, Ruck.”


Upon Eric’s request, it was decided that I would keep the machine.

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  1. That’s a really weird machine, if it simplifies the process, but uses totally different ingredients. Like, why would a machine want human life? It’s not like there is a demon inside that wants sacrifices, right?

    • to create a stone that can absorb malice, open portal to underworld, and can summon Evil God’s spawn… its more weird if it made from ordinary materials instead…..
      and using Human Life is actually common in isekai alchemy… literally become indgredients, not sacrifice….

    • An alchemist just modifies the recipe as needed for the ingredients. The machine automates a very strictly defined series of steps so only the ingredients the automation is designed for can be used.

      It doesn’t want life, life is simply an ingredient it was designed to use.

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