10 Years After – 169


“No, it is not.”

“Oh, it’s not…”


Kathe had looked so smug, but Dorgo quickly corrected her.


“It is technomancy. Fire dragons are especially good with it.”

“You dragons are good at different kinds of things then.”

“It has less to do with ability and more with culture.”

“I see.”


Parents taught their kids magic. And the secrets of magic were never allowed outside.

So it was no wonder that they tended towards different things.


“Wait a minute. Does that mean they were able to make new machines because…”


Eric looked at me.

The fire dragons had fallen to the dark ones? Was that what he was worried about?


“No, that can’t be.”

“Why do think so?”

“If the fire dragons really fell to the dark ones, then the Evil God would have been brought back by now.”

“…I see. That’s true.”


They would have used them as sacrifices to summon it.

They would have no need to attack the water dragons, who were known to have strong defenses.


“Then, how were they able to prepare so many machines?”

“Perhaps they found something from the fire dragon ruins.”


I said. But Dorgo shook his head.


“Mister Locke. Unfortunately, the fire dragons do not leave devices around in their ruins like we wind dragons do.”

“Is that right?”


The wind dragons did not have a settlement. Their territory was the sky.

That being said, sometimes they wanted bases on the ground.

And after making them, they often abandoned them for new places, and so they became ruins.

Even if they planned to use them again, they often didn’t.


Other dragons had settlements, so they did not make and abandon ruins like that.


“Of course, there are times when they move their settlement to someplace different. But they do not leave any magic tools behind.


Humans did not do such things either.

Important stuff would be taken to your new home.


“So there must have been some other devices similar to the trash can.”

I said.

“Most ashamedly, that is likely the case.”

Kathe, the ruler of the wind dragons, said with a bow.

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