10 Years After – 11

Vampire Lord


The Vampire Lord looked at Shia and snorted.


“So the bitch hasn’t understood her place, and came running after me.”

“Shut up! I swear, I will kill you with my own hands!”

“Your own father was unable to do it. And yet you, with your inferior abilities, are going to kill me?”


Vampires were intelligent enough to talk in human speech.

Their magic and vitality were also high, making them powerful monsters.


Then the Vampire Lord looked to me.


“However, you brought a human with you. I commend you for that.”

“What are you saying!”

“A dog will not succumb to my charm… But a human will.”



Shia’s face went pale. She looked worriedly in my direction.

I decided to relieve her.


“Don’t worry. The charms of a mere Vampire Lord won’t work on me.”

“Buwahahaha! So you wish to bluff. Humans are most entertaining.”


The Vampire Lord laughed good-humoredly.

His earlier irritation had likely been due to all the goblins that we killed.

And so he felt better now that he thought he would gain a new subordinate.


“I see.”

I nodded. The Vampire Lord scowled.


“You see what?”

“It’s obvious. You made it seem that you had few goblins here in order to lure in Adventurers.”

“Hehe. Perhaps you aren’t a fool after all. That is correct.”

“Pretty smart. I commend you for that.”


If he could turn the Adventurers into vampires, he would be able to operate on a larger scale.

Even if they were just F Rank Adventurers, they would be much more effective than goblins.


“Mister Locke, you must leave at once!”

“If you want to run, do it alone.”

“There would be no point in that. If he cast Charm on you…”

“I told you, it won’t work.”


But Shia did not believe me.


“It was my fault…”


Among beastkin, wolf types were immune to a Vampire’s charm.

They could also not have their blood sucked.

If a Vampire were to try it, they would take damage.

And so beastkin that were wolves would often hunt Vampires.


And so Shia was immune to Charm.

Perhaps that was why she had forgotten that humans were weak to it.

That seemed extremely careless on her part.

This would have been a big tragedy if it were not me that was here. I hoped she understood that.


The Vampire Lord shouted loudly.


“As if I would allow you to escape!”


And then its eyes began to shine. It was casting Charm on me.

I looked him straight in the eyes. Our eyes locked for a while.

The Vampire Lord was handsome, but I didn’t feel nervous at all.


“Maybe if you weren’t a man…”


I muttered, and the Vampire Lord became frantic.


“Why…why doesn’t it work!”

“Well, it’s because my resistance against mental ailments is very high.”

“No mere human should be able to resist a Vampire Lord…”

“Maybe you’re not a real Vampire Lord then.”


I challenged.

When fighting against an intelligent monster, it was best to make them lose their cool.

It would give you a good advantage in the coming fight.


“You just think that you’re a Vampire Lord, when you’re actually just a Lesser Vampire…”

I said quietly. The Vampire Lord gave me a murderous glare.


“You will regret mocking me!”


The Vampire Lord had decided to kill me instead.

It was worth provoking him like this, since it meant that he wouldn’t attack Shia.


The Vampire Lord started to come towards me all at once.

He had the agility expected of a high ranking monster.

Still, he wasn’t a threat to me. I dodged his attacks and kicked him in the jaw.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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