10 Years After – 216

Dark Wraith Hunt


It was the moment that the dark wraith stopped moving.

Grulf had run past me and jumped.



Grulf’s fangs sank into the dark wraith’s neck. And then he twisted it.



The dark wraith let out a confused scream.



“The fangs went into the dark wraith!”

Behind me, Kathe and Mors sounded astonished. In fact, so was I.


“Rrrr—GRRR GRRR!!”


Grulf held the dark wraith down with his claws and fangs.

The dark wraith’s body was made of magical energy. It wasn’t made of matter.

There was no smell and you couldn’t see or hear it unless it was about to use magic.

That’s why it was able to go through the walls of Danton’s house.


The beastkin wolves had good ears and eyes and a sharp sense of smell. And they were also immune to the psychological attacks of vampires.

So in other words, wraiths were the perfects monsters to send if you wanted to infiltrate the mansion of a beastkin chief.

However, spirit beasts were apparently able to treat wraiths like any other monster.


“So Grulf can hold wraiths down…”


A spirit beast wolf. Maybe it was their special power.

Grulfs fangs and nails and even body were not ordinary.


I finished preparing my magic while Grulf held it down.

The pillar of energy transformed into a cage.

While the cage was up, it would deplete my magic. And it used up a lot.

This was an original spell of mine that had no name. It was an emergency measure to deal with the dark wraith.


After it was 90% done, I said to Grulf:

“Grulf, you can let go now.”



And then I closed the cage just as Grulf lept out.


“That was good work, Grulf. Brilliant.”



I had to use both my hands to maintain the cage, and so I could not pet him.

However, I praised him with words. Grulf wagged his tail happily.

I would give him lots of pets later.


Kathe and Mors quickly reached us.


“You caught it?”

“Mister Locke. That was amazing.”

“Kathe and Mors. You can tell where the dark wraith is?”

“I am using Magic Search.”

“I too am using Magic Search and can tell. But I wouldn’t be able to tell without it.”


So Kathe and Mors were also only able to see it that way.

So that meant even powerful sorcerers had to use magic in order to see it.

Magic Search didn’t use up too much energy. However, you couldn’t have it activated all the time.

Most of the beastkin wolves were not able to use Magic Search. And so they would not be able to tell if there was an intruder.

We would have to think of a new way to deal with the dark wraiths.


That being said, the first thing to do was to deal with the one in front of us.



Was it possible to question a dark wraith?

Could I obtain information from it without questioning it?


As I thought about this, the dark wraith began to speak.



“It can talk!”

Grulf and Kathe were very surprised.


“Of course it can speak the language of humans.”




And so I explained it to Kathe.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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