10 Years After – 216


It wouldn’t be much of a spy if it couldn’t understand the words humans said.

It would have to be able to read and understand human writing as well.


“And if it could listen to us, then it shouldn’t be surprising that it can talk.”

“I see.”


Kathe and Grulf were now satisfied.



If it could talk, then it could be questioned.

I kept the cage up with magic as I approached it.


“Who sent you here?”


“How many times have you infiltrated this place?”


“So you won’t answer me then.”


The dark ones were tight-lipped.

Well, perhaps you would be if you were a follower of the Evil God.


“What are you going to do?”

“If it won’t answer me, then it will have to die.”

“I suppose there is nothing else to do.”


It was taking a lot of energy just keeping the cage intact.

That being said, I had a lot of energy to spend. It was unlikely that I would quickly run out and not be able to keep it up.


Still, the situation would be very bad if I had to keep it up and then we were suddenly attacked by an evil dragon.

And since we didn’t know when we could suddenly be attacked, it did not make sense to keep the dark wraith prisoner like this.


“Any last words?”


I asked. But I doubted that it would say anything.

However, it surprisingly opened its mouth.



“What do you mean?”


“I see. I suppose you are planning a large scale attack?”



The dark wraith did not let out another word.

And so I gave up trying to gain information, and instead, killed the dark wraith with a magic spear.

After that, I used Magic Search and Magic Exploration to see if there were any others in the area.


“So this was the only intruder.”

I muttered. And then Kathe said,


“So, no magic stones appear when a dark wraith dies.”

“Well, darks wraiths and wraiths are not made of matter.”

“That’s no fun.”



They were hard to find and difficult to kill. And even if you did, you were not rewarded.

And so Adventurers did not care to hunt them.


“Now, let’s return to the mansion.”


I needed to share the news with the chiefs as quickly as possible.

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