10 Years After – 11




The Vampire Lord’s fangs went flying.

For vampire’s, their fangs were their most powerful weapon and their pride.




He howled and then jumped on me.

He was nearly blind with rage, and his attacks were simplistic. His high intelligence was not being utilized at all.

I easily evaded his attacks and slammed my fist into his pretty face.



He croaked strangely as he wobbled, swayed and finally fell onto his knees.


“You bastard…”

His face was caved in, and all kinds of things were running down his skin.

Still, his will to fight was as strong as ever.


He charged at me again, and this time I grabbed him by the throat with my right hand.

And then I activated Drain Touch.



The Vampire Lord let out a deafening cry.

He may have been good at draining out someone else’s life force, but he didn’t seem to like having it done to him.


The Vampire Lord swung his sword in an attempt to cut off my arm.

There was no way that such an attack would hit me. I let go of him and backed away.

His sword cut through the empty air.


“You move pretty fast for a Lesser Vampire.”


I remember to mock him. It would be troublesome if his attention moved to Shia.


“Who are you…”

“Locke. An F Rank Adventurer.”

“You’re lying!”


The incensed Vampire Lord attacked me again, but I dodged all of them.

And then, I systematically punched him repeatedly in his vitals.


It seemed that I had gained some levels during my 10 years of fighting the devils.

My arms were also stronger.


I mutter as we fight.

“…Perhaps it’s because of the mana.”


Every time I killed a monster, the mana would be absorbed into my body and slowly make me stronger.

That’s why I grew stronger with every monster that I killed.


The mana was especially thick in that place between our dimensions.

I must have absorbed the mana in the area along with the mana from the monsters.


I had used Drain Touch and the Drain Sword while I was there.

So it had not only been the life force, but mana that was entering me.


I wasn’t completely sure of any of this, but I was certain that I had suddenly become stronger.


“Maybe that’s why I look younger…”


I continued to mutter to myself while punching the Vampire Lord.

Shia must have thought that she would get in the way, because she was waiting in the back.


The battered and bruised Vampire Lord flew to the back to create some distance.


He moaned with the cave walls behind him.


“You… Don’t ever forget this. From now on, you will never know what a peaceful night is…”


And then he started to transform into hundreds of bats.

This was why Vampire Lords were dangerous.


There was no way that I could allow him to escape. If I did, the neighboring villages would suffer.

I could no longer pretend to be a Warrior.

And so I prepared to use my magic.


“I will not let you escape!”


Shia immediately dashed forward.

The Devil King Sword hacked into the Vampire Lord as he tried to transform.




His scream echoed in the chamber.

The flesh that was cut, along with the parts that had turned into bats, all turned into ash.

It was like wet ash that had been compressed and hardened. It was black.


“Woah, that is amazing.”


The Devil King Sword was amazing. It wasn’t only sharp.

It took your magic and life force, and even your mana away.

That was the effect that it had.


“It was only a sharp blade when I used it against the goblins.”


Maybe I hadn’t noticed, because the mana that was absorbed was so small.





Shia continued to hack and slash at him.

Before we knew it, the Vampire Lord’s entire body was turned into ash.

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  1. “Maybe if you weren’t a man…”

    yeah… if the vampire is bombshell onee-san vampire, even without charm MC would be okay to take her anytime ~

  2. sniff sniff
    i smell a new companion
    and that companion i am guessing is Shia
    hehe you can’t go wrong with beastkin

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