Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 33

The Princes in Uniforms


The next morning, they put their scales, money and valuable items in their pouches and attached them tightly around their waists before putting their shirts on. The wigs went on after that, and once they picked up their old, worn-out bags, their disguises were complete.


“Edmond, Kreis, Emma. Thank you so much for your hospitality.”


Maki and Chiharu thanked them once again.


“No, thank you. We had a wonderful time.”

“Maki, Chihaaru. Thank you for visiting the dwarven territories.”

“Don’t push yourselves too hard.”

“Of course!”

“Of course!”


They replied, and then ran off.


“I wonder if we will be able to meet them again?”

“We should visit them next time.”

“Oh, that’s true. We can bring some good alcohol as a gift.”

“Exactly. They did seem to like eating quite a lot.”


Kreis and Edmond said to each other. Emma was holding her hands together tightly and praying for the safety of the two Saintesses.


“Good morning.”

“Good morning.”

“Ah, good luck, you two.”


They greeted the gatekeeper before rushing toward Paulo. There was already a line of soldiers waiting in the training grounds in front of the barracks.


“You two barely made it. Is that all of your belongings?”



“I’ll introduce you two to everyone gradually. We will wait here for now and listen to the representative’s speech before riding the carriage.”




They left their larger bags with the carriage and then participated in the departing ceremony.


“These kinds of things rarely happen, you know?”

“These kinds of things?”


Paulo was surprisingly talkative, and he and the others taught them a variety of things.


“Like there being too many monsters in the dungeon. And having to send for soldiers over a lack of Adventurers. This is only possible because Midland is on good terms with the three territories, but this is still a very impressive lineup.”

“It really is. We do see Prince Edwy here and there, but even the White Philosopher is here.”


Here and there. There wasn’t much reverence in their tone. Well, he had seemed quite familiar when guiding them through the port town.


“The White Philosopher?”

“What, you don’t know someone so famous? Most elves have golden hair, but he has white hair. He is the philosopher, Aeris, who invented the airship.”


One of the young cooks explained to them. And Chiharu had thought he was just a retired elf who had too much time on his hands and was a worry-wort. Well, he didn’t look any old than 30. And his hair had seemed more silver than white. Chiharu was very surprised by this. But there had definitely been something majestic about Aeris as he stood his platform, wearing his white robes with golden lining. And there was also something about him that looked tired.


“And the bird people. They are carefree and appear almost anywhere. But to have four of them participate in such an official way…”

“And Prince Nyran represents the southern territories. All three territories and both human territories are represented, it seems.”


All of this information was quite new to them.


“Um, Prince Nyran…”

“You know, the one next to Kaider and has blonde hair. I think he was the second or third prince of the southern territories. They have so many princes and princesses there that I can’t keep track of them.”

“There are so many of them, and so he must be one of the ones that were sent out to different castles.”

“Yes, yes. He used to be smaller than Prince Kaider, but it turned out that he was much more reliable than him, as he was quite reckless. And so now he watches over Prince Kaider.”


So there were three princes, not two. Kaider was a dwarf but the size of a slightly short human. He now wore a uniform of deep green and had a sword at his belt as he faced the troops. His red hair was blowing in the wind. Nyran was wearing a dark orange uniform. Perhaps it was a sign that he was from the south.


“And it’s that rascal who is the commander on this expedition. Our Prince Edwy is still young and seems a little weak.”

“What are you saying? Appearance aside, he is a heavyweight among the three territories and is a good friend with the royal families of the human territories. In spite of his young age, he has an important part in Midland’s diplomacy. Besides, you know. He is very popular with young women.”


It seemed like Paulo was strongly partial to Edwy.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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