10 Years After – 70


Serulis and Grulf were fighting the rats that got passed us.


“Thank you.”

I continued to swing my sword.

By the time there were over a hundred corpses surrounding us, the battle ended.


“It looks like it’s over for now?”

“No. I think there are more of them deeper in.”

“Is that right.”

Serulis said with a serious expression.


“Grulf. Stay on your guard.”


“And you can mark your territory.”



We had Grulf watch for more rats as we collected the magic stones from the rats.

They were small and of terrible quality.

Still, they were at least bigger than the ones from normal demon rats.


“Serulis. Look at my hands as I work.”



Serulis looked at my hands intently as I removed the stones.

After that, I had her try it.

As an Adventurer, taking out the magic stones was a necessary skill.


The demon rats reeked and were filthy. Normally, you wouldn’t even want to touch them.

But Serulis never showed any hesitation or disgust as she removed the stones.


At the same time, Grulf was carefully sniffing out the area.

And he would occasionally squat and mark his territory in different places.

And he was a wolf. A spirit beast wolf. Most rats should be too afraid to come close to that scent.


After taking out all of the magic stones, we gathered the corpses into a pile.

And then I explained to Serulis,


“They might turn into undead or start to rot if we leave them here. And so they must be dealt with.”

“I see.”

Serulis was a very capable fighter but had very little experience as an Adventurer, and so she listened attentively.


“It would be easy to burn them if we were outside, but this is the sewers. I suppose we will just have to put them in my magic bag.”

“But what should you do when you don’t have a magic bag?”

“Find a way to burn them down here…or take them outside a little by little and burn them.”


I said and Ario nodded.


“Yes. When Locke fought the goblins with us, we had to drag a few dozen goblins outside to burn them.”

“That’s right. It was really hard work.”

“It was, but we had no choice but to do it.”

“I see.”

Serulis said as she listened.

Grulf was nodding his head next to us.


And then I asked Ario,


“What do you two usually do?”

“Well, we usually only have to kill a few of them. So we drag them outside and burn them.”

“I see. Yes.”


After that, Josh seemed very interested in my magic bag.


“By the way, Mister Locke. That is a very impressive bag.”

“And his mansion was huge. I believe Locke to be a very rich man!”

“Well, maybe.”


And then I said to them,


“There are likely still more of them.”

“I agree with Locke.”

“Yes. I think the likelihood of that is quite high. It is no use unless we crush them all at the source.”


Everyone looked very serious.

And with that, we descended even further into the sewers.

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  1. While I know he is more then capable of handling the swarms on this own, I’m kind of surprised he didnt advocate reporting this to the guilds and the magistrate. Sure he can take out the source, but he can’t stop swarms that are in other parts of the city from attacking from other inlets of the sewer system. Others should be told so that they can be on guard.

  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    [And he would occasionally squat and mark his territory in different places.]

    Don’t only female dogs squat down?
    I think male dogs lift one of their hind legs to do it.

    So is Grulf actually a female?

    • The author hasn’t specified Grulf’s gender but insists later that Grulf squats because he’s still a puppy.

    • Naw male dogz will also squat dwn.. Tho generally thy do lift their leg.. My dog waz ta lazy most of the time ta lift his leg lolz

      • i mean… my dogo, who is female, would oftene pee like a male, by lifting her leg….soooo yeah, animals, there’s no real present emplate…just like some mens pee while seating, or some people sit the oposite way on the throne XD


    Serulis and Grulf were fighting the rats that got passed us.
    ➡️Serulis and Grulf were fighting the rats that got *past* us.
    How is this format? Does it stand out enough for you to find it? Can you see the suggested change easily enough? Thanks again!

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