10 Years After – 71

Killing the Demon Rat Horde


More and more demon rats attacked us as we made our way down the sewers.

I disposed of them with a swing of my sword.

Josh was a former hunter and was able to catch his targets with precision.


“Got you!”

Serulis was also cutting them down.


The demon rats were not attacking us from the front alone.

They also came from our backs.

They would swim in the sewer water and come out behind us and jump.


“Serulis. Don’t let your guard down.”



I looked down at Gerberga, who was in my breastplate.

He was staying calm.


“Lord Gerberga. Are you alright?”



He seemed fine.

Ario said,


“It’s hard to know when I should use magic when they attack so sporadically.”

“That’s true. And Fireballs consume a lot of power.”


Currently, Fireballs were the only attack spell that Ario could use.

From what I had seen during the fight with the goblins, he was able to use it about 10 times at the most in one day.

And that was quite impressive for an F Rank Sorcerer.


That being said, it was still quite limiting. He would have to be careful when using it.

Fireballs were the most effective when you used them in a crowd.


“It might be good to learn Magic Arrow later.”

“Yes. You’re right, Locke.”


We talked like this as we continued to go deeper.


“It feels like there are more of them the further we go!”

“Yes. I agree.”

Josh and Serulis shouted.


“Josh. How many arrows do you have left?”

“I have about 50.”

“Ah, hmm. You brought quite a lot then.”

“Yes! I knew it would be a long fight!”


Josh smiled happily.

If he had 50 now, he must have brought at least 100.

That many arrows would be quite heavy. That would make it hard to move.


“Josh, try not to waste any.”



We moved even faster after that.

The fact that they were increasing meant that the reason for this infestation must be deeper in.

We needed to find out what it was.


We tore through the rats and advanced until we reached a small clearing.

This was where the sewage water merged.


Serulis pointed to the center of it and muttered.


“Is the water rising?”

“No, that’s not it.”

What Serulis was pointing at was a crowd of demon rats.

They were forming a kind of mountain in the water that started below the water and peeked out of the surface.


“Ario! Use your Fireballs!”

“Leave it to me!”


As if unleashing his pent up anger, Ario began to launch his Fireball into them.

It was his most powerful Fireball.




The demon rats let out their wretched squeaks, which echoed around us.

At the same time, the smell of them burning and the water steaming combined to create a most disgusting odor.




Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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