10 Years After – 71


Grulf had a sensitive nose and looked nauseous. The poor thing.

I wanted to pet him on the back, but there was no time.

The other demon rats were furious now, and they jumped at us.





I slashed at them as they attacked.

With one hit, several demon rats were decapitated and went flying into the air.

Serulis also stepped out and impressed with her swordsmanship as she laid the rats to waste.

Josh unleashed his arrows without missing his targets.



Grulf quickly recovered from the smell.

He hunted the demon rats with his fangs and claws with excitement.


Grulf was a spirit beast wolf.

Normally, rats would run away from him. It was the same with demon rats.

And yet these were coming straight for him. It was strange.


No matter how many we cut down, they did not seem to decrease in number.


“How many are there!”

“Ario! Use another Fireball!”



When the demon rats crowded together again, Ario launched a Fireball into them.


“Serulis, you stop them from running away. I’m going in!”

“Leave it to me!”


I jumped into the sewer water in order to put a quick end to what was left of the horde.

The water was much deeper than I expected. It stopped right below my waist.


It was obviously very filthy, but I couldn’t let that stop me.

I swung the Devil King Sword into the rats. They were so densely packed that over a dozen were in the way of each swing.


I swung again and again. In moments, over a hundred of them were dead.

I was covered in sewage water.


But I was careful to keep it away from Gerberga.

If I tripped and fell, Gerberga would be drenched in sewage.


“Lord Gerberga, pardon the stench.”



‘Don’t worry. Fight as hard as you can.’ Gerberga seemed to say.


“Thank you, Lord Gerberga.”



Serulis was fighting behind me and catching every rat that got passed me. She was a most reliable Warrior.

Josh and Ario were also doing their best with magic and arrows.


After a few minutes of intense fighting, we were able to wipe out the demon rat horde.


“Are you all alright?”

“Yes. Thanks to you, Locke.”

“I am fine. Thank you.”

“Even demon rats are dangerous if they are in this number.”

“Grough! Guff!”


Grulf was in the water and splashing around.



“Grmgh! GGggbgh!”

“Are, are you drowning?”


I frantically went over to him.  He was being attacked by a few demon rats.

I quickly killed them and saved Grulf by pulling him out of the water.

But it wasn’t easy, as Grulf was very big.

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