10 Years After- 69

Hunting the Demon Rats


I finished casting spells on the entire mansion and surrounding area.

And also added magic locks to all the windows and doors.

I would register everyone when they got back later.




Gerberga was following me around the house.

He would occasionally find bugs and eat them.

Grulf was also following us quietly.


“Should we go out into the garden?”




Gerberga seemed especially happy.

Grulf was wagging his tail and seemed very eager.


Once we went out into the garden, Gerberga started clucking wildly and ran around on the grass.

Perhaps he had not had enough exercise recently, as we often carried him when moving.

Grulf began to sniff around the garden.



Gerberga ate the bugs and grass in the garden.


I sat down near the front door and watched the two animals.

It was right then that I saw Ario and Josh standing outside of the gate.


“Ah, Locke! So you really do live here.”

“Mister Locke. What an amazing house.”

“Ah, welcome. I’m surprised you were able to find it since I forgot to tell you the location.”


Josh laughed and said,


“We just got directions from Shia and Serulis.”

“Is that right? Where are they now?”

“They are looking through missing person requests.”


It seemed like things were going smoothly.

Missing person quests were not accepted in the same way as other quests.

This was because there was a high likelihood that they could not be accomplished.

The person could be dead. Or perhaps they might have gone to a different country.


“I see. By the way, are you two having trouble finding a good quest?”

“No, we just accepted the usual demon rat quest.”

“But it turned out to be a little difficult for us…”


Ario bowed his head.


“Locke, please help us.”

“I’m sure you will take this as an insult. Helping us kill rats…”

“I don’t mind at all. But what do you mean, demon rats that are too difficult?”

“Yes, the thing is…”


Ario and Josh had accepted the familiar quest and gone down into the sewers like usual.

However, the number of demon rats was abnormal.

Usually, they would walk in the sewers for a few hours and encounter a dozen rats at most.

However, they claimed to have seen hundreds of rats this time.


Even if they were just demon rats, it would be too difficult to kill hundreds of them.

And so they had come to me for help.


“We considered abandoning the quest and making a report to the guild.”

“But they told us that the paperwork would take a while.”

“They said it won’t be until tomorrow afternoon.”

“And I wondered, what if the demon rats started to come out from the sewers…”

“They might attack people.”


Ario and Josh’s concern was well founded.

But hundreds or not, they were still demon rats.

I knew that I wouldn’t have much problem with them.


“Well, let’s go then.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s a great help.”


Grulf was also excited.


I made some quick preparations and then left with them.

I also had Gerberga inside of my breastplate, just in case.

It was the same as the time I fought the Vampire High Lord.


When we were walking towards the sewers, we bumped into Shia and Serulis.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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