10 Years After- 69


“Are things going well?”

“We’re still feeling our way around.”

Shia said. Her tail was wagging vigorously.


“I’m about to go and kill some demon rats with Ario and Josh. Do you want to join?”

“I… I have something I need to look into.”

“I see. Serulis?”

“The sewers you say? I wanted to check something in the sewers anyway, so I will go with you.”

“That’s right. You go and help them then, Serulis.”

“I’ll leave the other matters to you then, Shia.”

“Don’t worry!”


And with that, Shia continued to walk in the direction she was headed. It seemed like she was going to the expensive residential district.


As for us, we continued to walk towards the underground sewers.

After walking for some time, the entrance came into view.

It had a great door and beyond it were stairs that led downward.


“As a Warrior, I will be in the front. Serulis, you take the rear.”


“I understand.”



Ario was an F Rank Sorcerer who could use Fireball.

Josh was a brilliant F Rank Archer Scout.


“Grulf…you can stay next to me.”


“By the way, you can mark as much territory as you want down here.”



Grulf wagged his tail happily.

It was his instinct after all. He was only able to control it through reason.

And so now, he was sniffing the area earnestly.


“Alright, let’s go.”


I took out a lantern from the magic bag and lit it.

Magic lights were good and all, but I was supposed to be a Warrior.

I shouldn’t use magic too much.


After walking for a while, we started to be able to hear the sounds of squeaking.


“These rats sure are loud.”

“That’s why we decided that it was too much for us two.”

“It was a good decision.”


Adventurers should be cautious.


We moved further along until the light of the lantern caught a demon rat.

It was an incredibly large demon rat.

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