Realist Demon King – 26

The Sprawling Underground Town in the Mines


The dwarven chief, Gottlieb, guided us towards the place of refuge.

We passed hidden doors, secret entrances and holes both vertical and horizontal.


There were many traps along the way, and just as many dead monsters that were killed by them.


“This is our backyard. I doubt there is any Demon Lord who can conquer us on our own soil.”


Gottlieb boasted while touching his great beard. But he also continued,


“However, such a favorable fortress is nothing without food. The Necromancer who works under Eligos realized this. And they have been trying to keep us locked down here by force.”




“A lieutenant of Demon Lord Eligos. Sharltar, the Necromancer. He is the one who led the attack on our lands.”


He said bitterly.


“At first, he said that he wanted to negotiate. He said that he would buy our ore for double the price that the humans were paying. We were very happy to hear this, but when I met with him again, swords were directed at me.”


“What cowardice.”


I am not a sentimental person, but I didn’t see myself as cruel or shameless.

It is sometimes necessary to fool others, but such cowardly methods would not be beneficial in the long run.

Possessing the dwarven lands by tricking and defeating these simple people would be a short-lived conquest.

They would surely revolt, run away or disperse.


Of course, this Sharltar figure might be the type to wipe out the dwarves completely. But such acts of violence would be known by others.


Once word got out of Demon Lord Eligos’s vicious and cowardly methods, those races that are not demons will want to stay away from him.


Food, ore, and weapons were often sold by humans.

Only a foolish Demon Lord would think that you can continue to fight without replenishing your supplies.

So I must see this Eligos as a fool.

In the long run, he is not a Demon Lord that I need to fear.


But what about the present?

Dwarven lands were attacked, and the residents were turned into zombies. Much of the ore had been taken as well.

It would be best to assume that his army had been greatly strengthened.

What would be the best way to defeat such a Demon Lord?

This was quite the dilemma.


I wondered about it, and it was while I was wondering, that we arrived at our destination.

It was a lot larger than I had expected.

And surprisingly, looked very much like a town.


“From here you will see the underground city that our ancestors once lived in. Now it is the home of the miners.”


“I see. But it is quite dark down here.”


“Us dwarves can see well in the dark.”


Gottlieb said.


Though he did light some lanterns once we reached the town square, as he knew it was difficult for us.

I looked up at the lights in the lanterns.

I was not magic, but real fire.

But how did it work?

Asked the Saint, Jeanne.

I answered for Gottlieb.


“It is likely using a gas that rises from the grounds below. A gas lamp.”


Is that right, chief?

I asked him. He looked a little surprised, but said, ‘yes.’


“You are very knowledgable. Not only powerful, I see.”


“I did little but study in my past life.”


realist demon king

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