10 Years After – 92

Family Reunion


It wasn’t that I didn’t trust Eric.

However, I had not quite expected it to be this effective.

They were great nobles, the Marquis and his wife, and they had dropped to their knees in a flash.


And so I explained it to them again.


“His Majesty has asked me to investigate an incident involving vampires who found a way to trick the divine barrier…”

“Is that so.”

“It goes without saying, but you must not tell anyone else that you have seen Vampire Lords within the city.”

“I would die before revealing such information.”

“Well, that might be taking it too far.”

“No, as the representative of the king, your words are those of royalty. And as such, we will do what is expected of us as nobles.”

“I see. As for that…”


If they took everything I said as the words of the king, I would have to be very careful about what I said.

That was annoying.


“Then I will tell you in advance when I am about to speak on the king’s behalf, but otherwise, please treat me as you would anyone else.”


“If you don’t, I shall not be able to speak to you at all.”

I said with a laugh.


“If you insist…”

This seemed to have satisfied the couple for now.


“By the way, don’t tell anyone that I am representing the king.”

“Of course.”


After that, the Marquis and his wife obeyed me willingly. The authority of the king’s representative was impressive.

The Marquis and his wife now knew that there was a way to break through the barrier.

It would now be necessary for the king to give them some kind of office and keep them on his side.

I’m sure that Eric had it all figured out.


We left the room that had been their prison, and passed the servants’ rooms and entered the hallway.


“We should go and meet Philly.”

“Is she close by?”

“Well, she is close by, yes. She was imprisoned in a different room within this mansion, after all.”



And so I took them to Philly’s room.

I knocked on the door and called to her.


“Philly. I’ve brought Marquis Mastafon and his wife.”


There was the sound of a chair screeching very loudly and then the door swung open and Philly came flying out.


“Father! Mother!”

“Philly. I’m so glad you’re…”



The three of them cried as they clung to each other. Tama ran, circling them happily.

His tail was wagging.


“How sweet…”

“Everything is resolved for now…”



Shia and Grulf were also watching the family and wagging their tails.

The intimate mood lasted for a while until we suddenly heard a loud voice.


“Daddy, uncle, over here!”

“Ah, the gatekeepers are unconscious.”

“This is a serious matter.”

It seemed that Serulis had brought Goran. The mansion became very loud all at once.


“Locke. Where are you?”

“Over here!”


I answered. Goran and the others came quickly.

To my surprise, Eric was right behind Goran. But why?


“Yo-your Majesty… It is the height of honor to have you visit our humble house…”


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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