10 Years After – 136

Cleaning Up


I wasn’t quite sure what Kathe meant by that.

It seemed unlikely that dragons would know my name.

But maybe she recognized that it was the same as the currency.


“So you are the one and only Ruck!”

“What Ruck?”

“The Great Philosopher, Our Saviour and Great High Sorcerer, Grand Duke Ruck Franzen!”

“How did you know my official title…”

“It’s common knowledge. Everyone knows.”


She said as she slapped her tail on the floor.


“So even the dragons know about Ruck.”

“That’s wonderful, Ruck!”

“Your accomplishments have spread out far and wide.”


Eric and Goran looked quite pleased.


“Why are you talking about it as if you two aren’t the cause of spreading it?”

I complained. But they just nodded in approval.


And so I left them and returned to Kathe.


“Look, it’s something that I’m trying to keep a secret for now.”

“I know! Yes, a secret!”


Kathe said seriously.




She cried and then ran away.

Kathe quickly returned with a board that was big for me but small for her.


“Ruck, I would really like to have your autograph.”

“…I don’t mind, but…”

“Good! Could you also write, ‘to Kathe’?”


She looked very happy. I felt conflicted.

I signed the board and handed it to her.


“Thank you! I shall hang this up somewhere…”

Kathe held the board preciously and went off into a back room.

She quickly returned and said,


“It all makes sense now. That’s why you are so strong. You even beat me.”

“I see.”

“Yes. I don’t really mind losing to The Great Philosopher, Our Saviour and Great High Sorcerer, Grand Duke Ruck Franzen. It cannot be helped.”


Kathe said with satisfaction.

And so I said to her,


“By the way, Eric is the Hero King and Goran is the strongest Warrior ever.”

“Ah, the follower Hero and Warrior who were with Ruck. I see, so that is why they are so strong.”


Eric and Goran were not my followers.

Actually, Goran and I were Eric’s followers.



“I am honored to receive such high praise.”

“Indeed, it makes one rather bashful to be praised by such a great dragon!”


I tried to deny it, but Eric and Goran looked very happy.


“Why are you two so… Kathe, the followers were actually…”

And so I explained to her that it was really me and Goran.




Kathe replied indifferently, as if she had not quite understood me.

It was no use, and so I decided to start cleaning up.

Once we were sure that there were no more enemies, we had to clean the place up.


“Let’s do it quickly.”

“Yes. It’s our duty as Adventurers.”

“I don’t hate doing it.”


And so the three of us started working.


“There are a few small magic stones here.”

“Goblins. Kathe, there were goblins too, weren’t there?”

“Yes. There were.”


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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