10 Years After – 136


They must have died in the first fireball I unleashed.

Goblins only left the small magic stones, and so I picked them up.

Counting them would allow me to know how many of them were here.

Which would give us an idea of the enemy composition.


“Isn’t this one from a lesser vampire?”

“Hmm. Oh, that makes sense.”

“But it looks too bright for a lesser vampire…”

“Really? Oh, you are right.”


Goran and Eric inspected the magic stones as they gathered them.


Kathe seemed to have no idea what to do with herself.

She was holding her tail in both arms and wandering around.

Whenever we would start to talk about something, she would stand next to us and mutter in agreement.


“What should we do about the magic machines?”

“They don’t have any stones in them.”

“But surely we can’t just leave them here?”


They might be used by the enemy. I didn’t know how they could be used, but there were fifty of them.


“I will take one back with me to show to Philly. Is that alright?”

“Yes. Perhaps the others should be taken to the palace…”

“Kathe. Do you have any requests regarding the machines?”


Goran asked. Kathe began to think.


“Me? I…hmm…”

“It might be a very rare metal.”

“Then I shall keep just one of them.”


And so Kathe began to carefully inspect the magic machines.


“This one is the least damaged and looks very nice.”

“That’s good.”


And then Goran took the Evil Dragon corpse.

He wanted it to be analyzed back at the guild.


“It looks like my fireball didn’t do much.”

“I am very scared of fires. And so we have to take measures against them. Still, my furniture was burned.”


“They did not burn when I used my own flame breath…but it looks like your fireball was too much, Locke.”

“Well…I’m sorry about that.”


Apparently, the dragons had great fireproof technology.

When we were finished cleaning up the interior, we went outside and looked at the fragments of what was once a door.


“Is this steel?”

“It is.”

“I would have expected the door of a dragon palace to use orichalcum.”

“But it is just a door.”

“In any case, it must be repaired. Or they might get in again.”

“…That would be very bad.”


Kathe said in a troubled voice.


“So we will repair it then.”

“However, won’t it be very difficult to carry such a large metal door to the top of the mountain?”

“Indeed. Well, I could just put it in the magic bag…”


As I thought about this, Kathe slammed her tail onto the ground.


“I know! I had a similar door in the back.”


So saying, Kathe ran to the back and returned with a large metal door in her arms.

Kathe was very strong.


“I can use this.”

“Yes. It’s a good thing you had a spare door.”

“This is not a spare door. It’s my toilet door.”



It was an emergency. The front door was more important than the toilet door.

With Kathe’s strength, the door was installed and I cast some protective magic over it.


“Now vampires and other enemies will not be able to enter.”

“Thank you, Locke!”


Kathe said happily.

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  2. >.< using toilet door on the front door..
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