10 Years After – 137

Tea with Kathe and the Magic Circle


We were mostly finished cleaning up Kathe’s palace.


“Is this alright now?”

“Yes. Thank you very much.”


Kathe looked happy.


“Oh, yes. I should serve you all some tea. Wait here a moment.”

So saying, Kathe stomped out of the room.

Tea from a dragon. I was a little anxious.


As we waited for Kathe, Eric said,

“Locke. Could I ask you to use Magic Search? Just in case.”

“Of course.”


That being said, it was rude to use Magic Search in someone’s house without their permission.

And so I called out to Kathe, who was in the kitchen.


“Kathe. Can I use Magic Search in here? We want to know if the dark ones have left anything.”

“I do not mind. But what do you think they could have left?”

“Small familiars or magic tools.”

“I see. Yes, that would be troublesome. You should do it then.”

“Got it.”


And so I cast Magic Search over the whole palace.

I was alerted of all kinds of things. There were several tools that were filled with magic.

But there were no familiars or hidden dark ones, which was what I was most worried about.


“There are several magic tools.”

“They were likely here to begin with, but we should still check.”


And so we decided to go and check every single one. There were five in all.

None of them were very big, and so I carried them to the table. This was so that Kathe could have a look at them.


“I brought you some tea!”

“Oh, thank you.”


Kathe brought a tray, which she had to pinch with the tips of her fingers.

Even if it was large for humans, it was very small for a dragon.

There were bowls and a barrel on the tray.

The bowls were the smallest cups in Kathe’s house.


“Here you go. The cups are too small for me to carry, so you have to take them by yourselves.”

“Thank you.”


It was big. I would probably have to visit the bathroom very quickly if I drank all of it.

I took one sip. It was delicious.


“It’s very good.”

“Do you mean it?”


“Aye, it really is good tea.”

“I don’t know much about the different types of tea, but I can tell that this is good.”

Eric and Goran also approved of it.


“Gahahaha! I see, I see.”

Kathe laughed happily. Then she drank her own tea from a barrel.


“Yes. It looks like it turned out quite well.”


And then Kathe looked at the tools on the table.


“What is this?”

“They are the things that I found through Magic Search. It would be fine if they are all yours. But I wanted to make sure they weren’t left behind by the dark ones.”

“I see. So I should check them.”


And so Kathe picked them up with her nails and inspected them.

It seemed like she would have an easier time as a humanoid, but she didn’t change.


“I recognize this one. But this…”

Kathe said after looking through them for a while.


“Hmm. Yes, all of them were here originally.”

“That’s a relief.”

“But…why is this here?”


“I don’t think this is a magic tool…”


So saying, Kathe pointed at a mirror.

It was human-size and not for dragons.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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