10 Years After – 137


“Because Magic Search detected something.”

“I do not think that it would.”


Kathe tilted her head.

I tried using Magic Search again, just in case.

It still detected magic.


“There is no question about it. It’s filled with magic.”

“What an odd thing…”


Kathe said as she looked into the mirror.

Eric suddenly looked very serious as he listened.


“No, wait. Maybe the dark ones have modified it to be a magic tool.”

“There is a possibility.”

“Indeed. It will be necessary to look into it.”


I took the mirror from Kathe and inspected it.

It would require a different spell to find out what magic had been cast on it.

Not only that, finding out what it was used for required other knowledge that was unrelated to magic.

That’s how difficult appraising was.


“It doesn’t seem to have any purpose…”

“Is such a thing really possible?”

“It’s hard to imagine…”


I stared at it and thought for a while.


“The dark ones like to use mirrors for teleportation, but this one doesn’t have that effect.”

“…Maybe they were in the middle of doing it?”


Eric said. I looked at the mirror again.


“…Indeed, the pattern on the back does look similar to a teleportation circle I’ve seen before.”



Kathe suddenly seemed very interested. She came up behind me, still holding her barrel, and looked over my shoulder.


“Do you mean this pattern here?”

“Yes, yes.”

“I think I have seen it before as well.”

“You have?”


Kathe’s tail slapped the floor once.


“Wait here for a moment.”

She placed her barrel on the table and ran away noisily. Then she quickly returned.

She had a book in her hand.


“That’s a big book.”

“It is a dragon book, after all.”


Kathe started to turn the pages.


“See, look here.”

There indeed was a magic circle where she was pointing.


“Ah, that’s amazing.”

“But I do not know much about magic circles. I just remembered that I’ve seen them before.”


It was impressive that she remembered it in spite of that.

Maybe Kathe was smart after all.


“What if the dark ones are using dragon magic technology?”

“It seems rather likely to me.”


Eric and Goran said with grave expressions.

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  1. I believe that kathe is around 100-200 years old, this explains why her thinking is I little immature. Her low resistance to pain, and her slightly airhead personality, all point to her been I child/teen, which makes sense for her age, as dragons live a long time it makes sense that they mature slowly.

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