10 Years After – 92


Marquis Mastafon and his wife kneeled once again.


“Raise your faces.”

And then Eric continued,


“Tell me what happened here. Locke.”

“From start to end, please.”


And so I explained.

I had wanted to cut the rat hunt short, but Goran wanted to hear the entire story, so I couldn’t.


“I see. So that’s what happened.”


Eric nodded.

Eric had asked many questions whenever there was something that wasn’t clear.

But Goran was silent as he listened to the entire time.

His fists were shaking.


“Hey, Locke!”

“What? You look a little angry there.”

“You ran off alone again! You knew there was a possibility of an Evil God, didn’t you? And that there could be multiple High Lords!”

“True. But High Lords aren’t really…”

“That’s not the point! Call for support!”

“I thought it was best to hurry.”

“Yes, that is important too. But this was a plan that the enemy took years to set up!”

“That’s true.”

The butler had started working here two years ago.


“So what difference would it have made if you were delayed for ten or fifteen minutes!!”

“Uh, oh. You know, you might be right.”

“Why didn’t you tell me anything!”



Goran was right, so I couldn’t argue with him.

His hands were shaking angrily and so Serulis grabbed them.


“Daddy, Mister Locke said he’s sorry, so…”

“…You better not do something like that again.”

“I understand.”


I apologized and then Grulf came and licked my hand.

He was probably trying to encourage me.

I patted him on the head.


“I understand the situation here now. Locke, you must be very tired? You can leave the rest to us.”

“Thank you. I’ll leave the rest to you then, Eric, Goran.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Goran. About the enemy base…”

“Ah, where the Evil God was? I will send a select team of A Rank Adventurers to search the place. Leave it to us.”

“Thank you.”


Just as I was about to leave, Philly grabbed my arm.


“It must have been hard for you as well, Philly. You should rest as much you can.”

“Locke. I can’t be anymore grateful to you.”

“Don’t mention it. It’s just my job.”

“But, thank you.”

“If you ever need any help, come and pay us a visit. We’re just two houses away.”

“That’s awfully close by.”

“Yes. You can visit too, Tama.”



And with that, I returned to my mansion.

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  1. Their help will not be needed most of the time.
    But looking forward for all the party members fighting together (the same enemy).

    Thanks for the chapter

  2. I would love to read a POV chapter from the marquis’s perspective. I mean the utter shock from an adventurer calling the king by his first name and then the talk with the king that would follow!

    • and the guild master being so angry and worried for that mere adventurer going in alone, almost scolding him like an angry mother ahahah

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