10 Years After – 149

Dragon King’s Authority


Kathe sipped her tea and muttered.


“I see. So the water dragons are in a lot of trouble then.”

Just then, Dorgo glared at her.


“I told you many times…”

“Oh, yes. You did. But you didn’t say anything about helping them.”

“Well, there was no talk of help until yesterday…”

“Is that so! Then it cannot be helped that I didn’t know about it.”


Kathe was relieved. She stuffed a pastry into her mouth.

Dorgo looked annoyed. He straightened his posture.


“Kathe. I mean, Wind Dragon Ruler.”

“Da-… Uh, Dorgo. What is it?”

“I do believe that I contacted you last night.”



Kathe started to rummage through her pockets.

Then she took out a bracelet. It had a pretty red gemstone on it.

She began to control the device.


“Oh, you are right…”

“Your Majesty. Have I not told you this before?”


“Even if you are not in the palace, you must be reachable. You must check the bracelet.”

“…Yes. You did say that.”

“This is most unfortunate indeed.”


“What would you do in an emergency? Do you realize that you are a ruler?”

“I am very sorry.”


Kathe looked downcast as she was scolded.

Her tail drooped weakly to the floor.


Once the lecture was finished, Dorgo turned to us and bowed.


“I am most sorry that you had to see that.”

“No, no! Do not worry yourself on our account.”

“Yes. Don’t think about it!”


Goran agreed with me.

Eric sipped his tea with a smile and said,


“I think it is a very fine thing that one as young as Kathe has decided to take the position of ruler.”

“Oh, you exaggerate.”


Kathe looked bashful.

I ignored them and turned to Dorgo.


“But Mister Dorgo, you look quite healthy still. Why did you decide to step down as king?”

“It is normal for our heirs to take our place once they reach a certain age.”

“I see. That’s quite different from us humans.”

“Yes. We have longer lives, after all. If we only passed on our royal authority when we died, who knows how long it would take?”

“I suppose you are right…”


Eric didn’t seem to like this explanation very much.

It was not a good reason to make someone so young king, in his opinion.

Dorgo saw this and continued.


“Aside from our lifespan, humans and dragons are not so different.”

“Really? But what does that have to do with…”

“If we used the same system as humans, it would result in similar power struggles among the dragons.”


I had never imagined that dragons would do such a thing.

It was a little surprising.

Eric and Goran also looked surprised.


“And what about a child with parents who could die at any moment? With such long lives, there is a high possibility that dragon children could die before their parents. And so they might want to take power by force.”

“So long lives rob you of patience?”


Eric asked.

Humans lived for nearly one hundred years. That was very short compared to the high elves.

As for dragons, they could live for tens of thousands of years.

You would think that long lives would mean lots of patience.



Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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  1. That is something Prince Charles can explain much better

    His Mom has set a new record as longest serving monarch and has allowed no hint that she wishes to retire get out.

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