10 Years After – 149


“Of course, I think we have more patience than humans. We could wait for hundreds of years. However, our parents would not die of old age.”

“I see.”

“Besides, we do not weaken as we age. We may get stronger, but not weaker.’


In that case, their children may never become king.


“And so having them inherit the throne early is a form of self-preservation for us.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, we can still be killed.”

“But aren’t parents stronger for having lived longer?”

“Most of the times, yes. But as they say, sometimes a kite can breed a hawk.”

“I see.”

“And there are many ways for weak people to kill those who are strong.”


Poison, traps, ambushes, attacking in large numbers. There were many ways indeed.


“Giving it to them before they become impatient will prevent them from killing their parents.”


Goran heard this and said,


“I can only imagine how ferocious a power struggle between dragons would be.”

“Yes. It will be a battle between very powerful dragons. It would affect the terrain and even the weather.”


Dorgo said with a laugh. But I could tell that he did not think it was funny.

It would change the terrain because the high dragons had that much power.


“It’s not only between parent and child. Brothers and sisters may also fight. And so all of it can be avoided my making them king while they are still young.”

“I see. So it is up to the parent to stop any sibling rivalry.”


It was a common thing among humans.

But when humans fought for the crown, many people died.

But for dragons, the lands were destroyed.

And so they had a system in place to discourage it.


“But dad is stronger than me! And so I think that he should do all of the work.”

“Kathe. That logic is flawed.”


Kathe had blurted this out with confidence, and so she looked troubled when I argued against her.


“…Is it?”


“Mister Ruck is right. Inheriting the position early also has the purpose of teaching you.”


This way, an experienced king could support and educate the successor.

It was that kind of system.

Now that I think about it, it made a lot of sense.


“Maybe humans should do the same. Eh, Eric?”

“Unfortunately, I don’t think it would work well with humans.”


“There is the relationship with your relatives and dissension among the nobles…”


“Besides, I doubt the new king would enjoy having the previous ruler hovering around them.”

“That’s true.”


Using the same system for humans seemed like it would just cause more fighting.

That’s what I thought. 

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