Realist Demon King – 20

The Saint from From Another World


I had decided to go to the home of the dwarves, but met difficulty in choosing personnel.

We did not have enough commanders that I could leave to take charge of the Ashtaroth army.

As the head, the defense level of this castle would drop tremendously the moment I left.


Currently, the only enemy force I was aware of was Count Ismalia, and he was quite weakened now. And so I doubted he would risk attacking me, but there was always a possibility.


And perhaps other Demon Kings in the area were also waiting for this chance, when I left the castle.


And so it would be most preferable to have Eve, who is a strategist and established executive officer here, to remain in the castle. But she insisted that she would come with me.


She was the first to escape the position.

Well then, the only one left was Hijikata Toshizou.


Personality-wise, there was no problem–, no, there plenty of problems. This was the man who had publicly declared that he would stab me in the back if I did not meet the measure as his king.


It would not be wise to leave such a man here alone.

Or so my secretary maid Eve insisted.

I tried to defend him.


“He is indeed useless as an executive officer and a wild warrior who is difficult to control. However, he is not the kind of man to take over a castle while his master is away.”


I don’t know if she was persuaded, or if she was just afraid that an argument here would lead to me rescinding my decision to take her along, but she ultimately agreed.


I sighed with relief, but at the same time, another thought came to me.


“We really do lack good commanders. Look at how much trouble it is, to just find one person to hold the castle while I am away.”




“Furthermore, it is most unfortunate that I cannot bring someone with me on this journey who I can rely on in terms of combat.”


“Why not take the werewolves with you? One of them could easily take down five dwarves.”


“As I said, we are not going there to fight them. Well, we may have to, depending on the situation.”


Still, I could not take the werewolves with me. Traveling with monsters attracted too much attention. We were going to go to the dwarven homelands. I needed to show that I had no hostile intentions.


And so it would be best to bring a human general with me.


“Ah, if only I could use spirit summoning again like the last time.”


“It is necessary to have a drifted relic for spirit summoning. And those are hard to come by.”


“Of course.”


I muttered regretfully. Eve suggested an alternative.


“Master, if I may be so bold. The population here has grown sharply. There must be capable men among the humans. Why do you not search for a promising one and raise them to a commander?”


“That is a good idea. I would like to make a human unit in the near future as well. And a brilliant human commander will be necessary for that.”


“It is two birds with one stone.”


“Good deeds should be done quickly. You must make a notice board in the town square.”


“What should I write?”




I cup my chin.


“Searching for a brilliant commander. One to become my hands and feet. Those who are confident in their abilities should apply. Depending on your feats, you will be amply rewarded.”


Something like that, I say.


“Very good. I believe that many will wish for the position now.”


Eve quickly had the sign made and ordered the orcs to set it in the town square.

According to the report from the orcs, people immediately gathered, and it was seen by hundreds of people.


They said:


“I will try for it.”

“I wonder what rewards there will be.”

“This Demon King knows how to attract attention.”


I was looking forward to the results.

I was sure we would see a gathering of people with strong backbones.


And so after putting up the sign, many citizens came to apply.

There were quite a few of them now in the training room of the castle.


I had instructed the orcs that this was not about accomplishments and that even feeble-looking people should not be turned away. And so there were more people than I had expected.


“How can such a weakling like that be of use?”


Eve pointed at an old man who looked like a withered tree. She judged people too much based on appearances.


“That old man is a sorcerer. He has very impressive magic ability. Even if he cannot become a commander, I will hire him as a mercenary.”


“I see. I am humbled by your keen eye.”


But then she continued.


“Surely that girl over there is of no use. Let me drive her out before she hurts herself?”


I looked at the girl who had attracted Eve’s gaze.


She was wearing a hood and was short. Perhaps shorter than Eve.


I did not sense much magic, and since she had a sword strapped to her back, she was like a warrior. But it was true, she did not look very strong.


realist demon king

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