10 Years After – 128


I was surprised she could eat so much after devouring 30,000 rucks worth of food and drink.


“Kathe. I have so many questions I want to ask you…”



Most great dragons were not able to turn human in shape.

What was Kathe? I wanted to know.


But the thing I needed to know the most, was why she was here.

We had promised to meet during the day tomorrow, and yet she seemed to have come here in a hurry.


“Did something happen?”

“That is right.”


Kathe explained.

After we had left, she had gone around to the other ruins and cast her magic on them.


“Ah, that is very good.”

“Yes. It is because you told me that magic barriers were not enough, and they had to be disguised visually as well.”


There had originally been such magic to trick the eye on these dragon ruins.

That’s why human Adventurers had not discovered them. But that was no longer the case.


I wasn’t sure if there was much point in redoing it with the same magic again.

Still, it was good that Kathe was going around and checking on all of them.

Because she would notice if anything was wrong.


Besides, the intruder detection magic she was casting now was very useful.


“Did the dark ones invade one of the caves again?”

“Oh, it is much worse than that…”

“Worse? Worse than invading the ruins…”


What would the ruins-obsessed Kathe consider worse?

It must be huge.

But then again, she wasn’t so agitated that she could not waste time stealing food from restaurants.

Her priorities were a little messed up.


“Hmm. I had visited all the ruins around the capital before returning to my own palace… But it was filled with the worst sorts.”


I hadn’t known she lived in a palace, but these enemies definitely piqued my interest more.


“What do you mean? Were they vampires?”

“Yes. A group led by a High Lord. And there were many dark ones there as well.”

“Dark ones? Not goblins?”

“There were goblins as well. But goblins are nothing to me.”

“I guess.”

“The problem is that there were also many Evil Dragons and magic machines.”

“Evil Dragons?”

“A dragon of the dark ones. I say dragon, but they have nothing to do with us, alright?”



I asked, and Kathe nodded.


“It is most annoying that they look so much like us. However, they were made by a different god. They are the dregs that the god of the dark ones dropped into this world.”

“I see…”

“It is no wonder you did not know about this, Locke. I myself have never seen them before.”


Apparently, Evil Dragons were very rare.


“So, what about these magic machines?”

“As you would think, they are automated machines that use magic to operate. Not only are they strong, but they have no souls. And so they are not truly dark ones.”

“But if they are not dark ones…”

“Yes. They should not be affected by the barrier around the city.”


It seemed that something very dangerous was about to happen.

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  1. ah so our lovely new dragon friend is probably the top dog of the dragons~
    I also wonder if maybe this most high lord is residing in poor Kathe’s palace~

    thanks for the chapter~

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