10 Years After – 125

Making Philly’s Laboratory


Eric and Goran ate lunch before going back home.

There was a lot that they would have to deal with, including the Most High King and the dragon ruins.

I had great respect for what they did.


As things became more relaxed, I asked Tama and Philly,


“How much does Tama need to walk every day?”

“Ah, yes… He usually just randomly walks around in the area.”

“I see. Grulf likes to run for great distances. I guess they won’t like to go on walks together then.”



Tama barked quietly. It was as if he was insisting that he could be a long-distance runner if he so chose.

I patted him on the head.


“Well, you’re still quite skinny, so it may be a matter of strength. Still, it will be hard on Philly if there is too much running.”



In that case, it cannot be helped. He seemed to bark.

Milka listened to our conversation and then added,


“Oh? Is Philly allowed to go out and about? Didn’t the Hero King say that she was being targeted like Lord Gerberga?!”

“That’s true.”

“If Tama needs to go on a walk, you can leave that to me.”

“But still. I don’t think Philly wants to stay cooped up the entire time.”

“In fact, I do not mind being cooped up at all.”

“Don’t act like that now. It’s bad for your health.”


Philly may have been a genius, but she was still a child.

It would have a bad effect on her growth if she stayed inside all the time.

And we did not want her to get sick.


“You can come with Grulf and me on our walks starting tomorrow. We’ll go around the house once, then you can return and Grulf and I will go a little further.”


“Thank you. You’re very kind.”



Grulf didn’t seem to quite understand what was being discussed.

He was rolling around on the floor and showing his belly.

And so I petted him, just in case.


“Now, since we have some time, we can make Philly’s laboratory.”

“Really? I mean, you can make it?”

“We have leftover materials. And we just need to use a little magic.”


I had the materials we used when fixing and reinforcing the secret passage.

We could use it to expand the room.


“I see!”

“But it might be hard to make water usable down here today.”

“Hmm. Yes, I can understand that… You will have to get a professional to do it.”

“No, we can’t get outside help. It’s not really a matter of ability, but that we don’t have the right materials now.”


If we hired a professional, they would know our secret.

And so I had no choice but to do it myself.

What we needed now, was metal pipes for the water.


As I explained this, Milka said,


“If you need some, I could go and buy them!”

“It’s too heavy for you to carry by yourself.”

“Then I will go too.”
“Thank you, Nia.”

“You should leave the hard work to your big sisters.”



Nia, Shia and Serulis said that they would go too.


“Thank you. But I’ll let you take the magic bag, anyway.”


I said as I handed Milka the bag and the money.

After they left the house, I started to work.


First, I carved away at the rock walls and widened the room.


“Do you want it to be bigger?”

“If possible…yes.”


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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