10 Years After – 125




I discussed it with her as we expanded the room.

I couldn’t forget to reinforce it with magic. The passage and door were important too.

We didn’t want there to be any explosions while the Princesses were passing through.


By the time I was finished with the room, Serulis and the others returned.

They had bought a lot of metal pipes to carry water.


“Thank you. You were all a great help.”

“But what are you going to do with this?”


Shia asked as if it were a huge mystery.


“First of all, an easy sewage system, I suppose?”

“Oh, I see. There is an underground sewer nearby, after all.”

“Well, we can’t really dump it into there.”

“Why not?”


In general, everything in the city was just discharged into the sewers. That’s why it smelled.


“But this isn’t normal sewage water. It’s water used in alchemy.”

“Actually, that is not something you have to worry about, you know?”


“Yes. Because I will have it processed before flushing it down.”


In that case, that would make things simpler.

But then again, connecting it directly to the sewers will give the enemy an opening to get in.

There were people who used rats as familiars.

Not only that, but there were magical creatures made of gas and magic attacks that would be able to travel through the pipes.


I would have to make some magic traps to prevent this.

The sewage pipes were finished in less than an hour.


“Now that the sewage is done, we need to do the water supply!”


Milka seemed to be very excited by all of this.


“It’s just connecting some pipes together. I’m not sure why you’re so excited…”

“But how are you going to connect it? We’re surrounded by rock walls!”

“Rock walls are easy to penetrate.”


I said as I pierced through the wall in order to reach the water pipes that went through the house.

Once the pipes were exposed, I connected the new pipes to it.

It was easy with magic.


“Magic really is amazing!”


Milka said as if she was very moved by this display.


“Would you like to learn it, Milka?”

“Oh? Really?”

“If you want to, sure.”

“Please! I would like to learn!”



Philly also looked very impressed.


“This is a wonderful laboratory. …I am very thankful. I don’t know how I can thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

“Well, that won’t do at all. You gave me a place to live and even added a laboratory…”


Philly began to think.


“I doubt you are short on money, Mister Locke… If only there was something I could do…”


Then I had an idea.


“In that case, you could help teach my apprentices, Milka, Nia and Luchila.”


“Not really. Just a general education. It’s rather sad that they aren’t being taught anything in spite of being apprentices.”

“It is easy enough to teach… But that is all you want?”

“It would be an incredible help to me, if you did teach them.”


I had heard about Philly from Eric before.

She was a genius and new all kinds of subjects, not just alchemy.

We could not ask for a better teacher.


“Well, if you say so. I shall teach your apprentices everything they need to know!”

“Thank you.”


And like that, the search for a private teacher came to a surprising end.

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  1. I’m not sure a genius child is a good teacher. These types tend to have trouble explaining things to lesser minds, and don’t have the patience for teaching.

    • My thoughts exactly. On the other hand, we do sometimes come up with interesting ways to teach things to those who can’t understand the normal methods.

      Combinations vs permutations, for instance, I had a tough time getting one particular classmate that I was tutoring to remember. She finally got it when I said “Okay, think about it this way. It doesn’t really matter if you shower before or after you *comb* your hair, but it does matter whether you do it before or after getting a *perm*. Likewise, order doesn’t matter with *comb*inations, but it does matter with *perm*utations.

      Ignore the fact that your hair would need to be combed again if you did it right before a shower. It just doesn’t waste much time or money to have to do it again.

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