10 Years After – 175


And the height was about ten times that.

But it was so big that it was hard to tell that your perceptions were correct.


“That’s a lot.”

“It will take us days.”


While a single book was huge, so was the entire shelf.

There were many books crammed into it.


“This will be a lot of work.”

Philly said. But her eyes were shining.

She was excited to see so many books.

She had an unending desire for knowledge.


Dorgo said in a calm voice,

“In general, you may only read the books here, and cannot take them outside.”

“I understand.”

“And there are some books you may not read.”

“Yes, of course.”


The wind dragons were good with alchemy. And this was the king’s library.

There were probably arts passed down through the family and things others were forbidden from seeing.


“And so, unfortunately, I cannot say that you can freely look through them.”

“That is fine. Just reading some of them will be a great help.”

“Thank you for understanding.”


Philly looked a little disappointed after hearing this.

Then Dorgo went to the shelf and picked out a few books.


Each book was about as big as an adult man.

They were also as thick as the distance from my foot to my knee. The covers were elaborate and beautiful.

Once the books were on the table, Grulf showed an interest.

He started sniffing them.


“They are very big.”

“They were made for us.”



The pages were the perfect size for them to use.

I tried turning one of the pages.

The cover was thick and heavy. But the paper inside was very thin.

And the letters were not that much larger than they were in human writing.


“That’s a lot of words for a single page.”

“It is the dragon way.”

“And the number of pages…”

“That is how we prefer it.”


Dorgo said with a smile.

Philly managed to open the cover of one book. Then she said,


“This is like exercise.”

“Don’t worry, only the covers are heavy.”

“That’s a relief… You are right, Mister Locke…there are so many words on each page.”


Each page was dozens of times larger than the average human book. But the letters were the same size.

And the paper was very thin. Apparently, each book had nearly ten thousand pages.


“Dragons have a lot of time, thanks to our long lives. So books tend to be this way.”

Kathe said proudly.

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