Tensei Kenja – 22

The Magic Stone Was Heavily Cursed


“…Why? What do you mean?”


I asked as I inspected the thing I was holding.

Hmm. I could touch it and carry it just fine.


‘Uh…the slimes who saw it told me that the humans said you would die if you touched it…’


“…Is that right?”


I asked. And the new slimes answered.


‘They did say that!’


‘The people who brought it had it attached to a stick.’


‘That stick over there. I think it was a week ago?’


The slimes said as they pointed to a wooden stick on the ground.

It did not look like a stick that had been there for only a week.


It was so old-looking that I would have believed it had been there for a year.

One side of the stick was especially bad.


But there was also an attachment there that looked like it might have been metal…but I was sure it would break if I touched it.

Maybe it was used to secure the magic stone.


“…Oh? Am I actually holding something incredibly dangerous now?”


I began to get a little worried, and so I dropped the magic stone for now.

However, there was no change to my status.


“Uhh…do you know why I didn’t die?”


‘I don’t know.’


The slimes shook their heads.

The Dryad opened her mouth instead.


‘It might be because of the curses inside of the magic stone? If it is, it would make sense that it doesn’t kill you.’




‘Yes. My magic energy capacity should be so large that it’s incomparable to humans. But if you have enough energy to revive me, then maybe you can weaken the effects of the curse. A curse is a type of magic, after all.’



So curses were a type of magic.


‘By the way, how much magic did you use to heal me, Yuji? One-hundredth?’


“Uhh…more like half.”


‘Half…so that means twice as much as me. I don’t think that’s enough to weaken the curses…are you lying to me?’


“I’m not lying.”


I had no reason to lie.

…Oh, but there was one thing that I was wondering, regarding magic energy.


“Now that I think of it, there was this one time I used magic and my MP went below 0. Does that usually happen?”


After I said this, the Dryad looked at me as if she were seeing the strangest thing.


‘Your MP went below 0? I don’t think that is possible…but then again, it should also be impossible that a human has more magic energy than me…’


The Dryad said and began to think…then she smiled and said,


‘Yes! I have no idea! You sure are funny, Yuji!’



In any case, I now understood that it was not normal for your MP to go below 0.

Also, it would be better if I didn’t touch the magic stone if I could.


“Alright, enough about that. The problem is how we should deal with this rock…I guess taking something so dangerous with us is not an option?”


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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