Tensei Kenja – 22


‘Yes. Besides, if you carried something so dangerous as this through the forest, all of the trees will die!’


That’s true.

So then…


“I guess I have to destroy it here then. –Sword Summon.”


I used magic to call out a sword.

And then immediately swung it down over the magic stone…




Just as it hit the stone, the sword broke.

Then it crumbled and disappeared.


…I see. So this was the power of the curses.

I was even more shocked now that I had touched it with my bare hands.


“This…I’ll have to use more high-power magic to destroy it all at once. But I don’t want to damage the forest any more…”


Normally, I might have just used Hellfire of Death, but this was the Dryad’s forest.

It would be missing the point to burn down the forest in order to destroy this stone.


After thinking about it for a while, I drew a circle on the ground around the stone.


“Alright then. Come over here to this line and surround the stone!”




All of the slimes then made a circle where the line was.

It was about five meters in diameter.


At this distance, there was no danger of accidentally touching it.

Once I was sure of this, I activated two spells at once.


“Magic Transfer–Anti-Magic Barrier!”


“Magic Transfer–Anti-Physical Barrier!”


The magic was all transferred to the slimes.

Now the stone was surrounded by multiple barriers.

–In other words, even if I used powerful magic, it wouldn’t affect the rest of the environment.


“Now…let’s try it.”

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  1. A typical cliche is to use holy stuff on them cursed items, or just super strong attacks/spells, but it’s nice that MC actually thinks about the collateral damage. Don’t just erase an entire forest or a mountain because a black cursed stone was there.
    Thanks for the chapter! God bless you, take care, and have a great day!

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