Tensei Kenja – 24

Effective Against Monsters




I heard the Dryad’s voice and looked towards the fragments that surrounded me.

And then–I could see little dark pieces of something gathering together.


They were slowly starting to take a shape–black monsters.

It wasn’t just ten or even twenty.

Each fragment was turning into a monster. So there were hundreds of them.


“Are you kidding me… Don’t you think that’s overdoing it a little?”


I said as I escaped the barrier. Then I looked around me.

Thanks to the barrier, it seemed like the monsters were currently sealed away from us.

However, due to the effects of Hellfire of Obliteration, the barrier was weakened. It would shudder and shake dangerously.

It would probably break if I didn’t make a new one.


The slimes…were maintaining their positions around it.

It seemed like I would be able to do it just fine.


“I’m going to use Magic Transfer! Keep your positions!”




I made sure that they were before activating the magic.


“Magic Transfer—Anti-physical Barrier!”


First I would use an Anti-physical Barrier to securely trap the monster inside.


“Magic Transfer—Anti-Magic Barrier!”


At the same time, I added an Anti-magic Barrier.



“Hellfire of Obliteration!”




It hadn’t worked against the magic stone, but this time it was monsters within a barrier.

‘Hellfire of Obliteration’ used a lot of MP, but it seemed like it would be the most effective for killing these monsters.


–After some time passed, the smoke finally cleared.

There were no traces of the monsters now. And all that remained was the now white, magic stone.

I couldn’t see any more monsters coming out either.


‘You-you killed all of them in a second…’


“Nice combo, huh? …Well, it does use a lot of MP, though.”


I said as I checked my status.



Job: Tamer, Sage

Skills: Taming, Light Magic, Shadow Magic, Fire Magic, Water Magic, Earth Magic, Thunder Magic, Wind Magic, Time-space Magic, Special Magic, Great Magic, Familiar Magic, Support Magic, Altering Magic, Ultra Combat Arts.

Attributes: None

HP: 320/321

MP: -1740/1856

Abnormality: Overuse of magic



My MP was had dropped quite a bit below 0.


But my HP was fine, so perhaps it wasn’t a big problem.

My MP had gone to minus 200,000 when I used Hellfire of Death, and yet I didn’t die or suffer any permanent after-effects.


…Well, it was still not very normal for it to drop like that, so I should avoid it when I could.


“In any case, I guess that’s it as far as dealing with the magic stone. The area around is destroyed pretty bad… Uh, should I fix this?”


I said as I looked at the barrier.

Everything outside of it was peace itself, but inside, it was either glass or melted rock. It looked horrible.


I tried pouring water over it to cool it off, but I doubted trees would grow here for a long time.

Somehow, I felt the Dryad would not be happy about that.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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