Tensei Kenja – 24


‘Oh, it’s perfectly fine since it’s a small area! As long as that stone is gone, trees will grow here eventually. I think?’




…It seemed like it was actually fine.

Well, it was a big forest.

As long as the magic stone was not there.


“That’s good.”


As we talked about this–I suddenly remembered my original reason for being here.


I had come to collect these Dria flowers.

If they really weren’t around, then there was nothing I could do. But perhaps she could tell me something.


“Hey, do you know about the Dria flowers?”


‘I do! Those flowers grow all over the Dryad territories. …What about them?’


I see. So they were all over the place.

Maybe they weren’t growing when I came because the Dryad wasn’t feeling well.

In that case, there weren’t likely to be any now.


“I originally came to this forest on a quest to gather those flowers. But I heard that there aren’t any more now…”


‘Ah, that’s what you mean! Alright. I’ll give it a try.’


Replied the Dryad.


“Give it a try?”


‘Yes. They aren’t used for anything, so I never tried to grow them before…’


The Dryad said as she closed her eyes.





She raised her voice. Then lots of grass started to grow from the ground.

It grew incredibly quickly–and then, flowers started to bloom before even a minute had passed.


The flowers looked familiar. Like the ones that I had seen at the guild.


“It’s Dria flowers! …Can I gather these?”


The Dryad nodded.


‘Sure! You saved my life, Yuji. I can grow as much as you need!’


The Dryad said as she made more and more of them grow.

And so the quest I had thought that I had failed turned out to be a great success.

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  1. So, the quest is so important for Yuji that he already put the whole cursed thingy behind. Maybe it’s just the exhaustion, but still funny 🙂
    Thanks for the release! May God bless you, take care, and rest well!

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