10 Years After – 148


“The wind dragons do not have a settlement.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. If I am to be honest, our territory is the sky.”

“Wind dragons are quite scattered around the world. Most of them do not have houses.”

“That’s surprising.”

I always thought of dragons as having lairs and hoarding treasure.


“So they’re just like how I used to be!”

Said the formerly homeless Milka.


“Maybe you have a little wind dragon in you then?”


She chuckled bashfully.


“Hmm? But Kathe lives in a palace?”

“Well, the king must have a house, surely? The wind dragons would not know how to contact us if there were no palace for them to go to.”

“That’s true.”

“And it also works as a base for politics…”


Dorgo had a faraway look.

Kathe didn’t seem to mind as she said,


“Wind dragons are very fast. The fastest of any dragons, you know?”

“Yes, you were very fast when we rode on your back.”

“But I wasn’t even going half as fast as I could.”


Kathe said smugly.

Dorgo’s expression changed.


“Ka-Kathe! You had Mister Ruck on your back!”



Kathe looked a little frantic. Had she broken some taboo?

I was a little worried.


“I-I’m quite envious… I would like to give you a ride as well.”

“Uh, perhaps next time then.”

“Do you mean it? Is it a promise?”


“I would like to carry the Hero King and Goran as well!!”

“Yes, certainly.”

“I would be honored.”


Eric and Goran said with surprise.

Dorgo seemed very happy about it, and so we would probably be riding him next time.


Kathe seemed to ignore him as she continued.


“We can also run away very quickly. And so the dark ones are not likely to target us wind dragons.”

“I see.”


They weren’t completely safe.

But the wind dragons could be said to be comparatively safe, I suppose.

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