Jack of all Trades – 129

Farewell to the King


I asked Master Daniela:


“So. What do you think we should do?”

“Indeed…I am in agreement with you, Asagi. But if you think about this from the perspective of the Adventurers, the orcs building a country could mean war. Though, it would not be a problem if they really would live quietly in peace.”


I’m not too surprised… No, that was totally expected. I was not from here, and to be completely honest, this development was something that I had read in a novel before, and I had hopes based off of that. This idea that monsters who were once hated by humans now trying to change the way that they lived. I wished that it was possible. However, it had clearly not been the case with the Assault Kobold. That was immediate death.


“I think that it would be great if everyone could live peacefully. Asagi, thank you, but…”

“No, I’m just too optimistic. Don’t worry about it, Arthur.”


I should look at reality. This was another world. It was a world for humans. It was not a great place for monsters. That was reality.


“I think that you should focus on creating an environment where you can live without interacting with humans instead of creating a country.”


Daniela said.


“I see… What about making buildings that can move?”


I was thinking about nomadic people. A lifestyle where you could raise your animals while moving from place to place. Constantly moving like that would ensure that you did not run out of food for your livestock… Well, you couldn’t plant crops or anything, but I doubted orcs cared much about that.


“Hmm. Raising livestock and not staying in the same place…I like that idea!”


Arthur nodded as he considered this possibility for the future of the orcs.


“Eating is very important for us. Orcs are very fond of meat.”

“All worldly troubles are nothing if you have meat.”


Daniela said with a perceptive nod. She was probably thinking about the meat at the Anthill.


“The problem is if there are any orcs who would agree to such a thing that are still alive.”

“I do not believe that to be a problem. Did you see that there were two paths when you came here?”


There was. We had taken the stairs to the left, based on Daniela’s intuition. The right side had a flat path that led straight…


“That was used to escape to a place far off from here. When making this settlement, I wanted there to be an escape route to the valley floor in case of an emergency. But then we encountered the hole moles. And so we had them dig the holes for us…”


Arthur said with a dark expression.


“Mordred’s movements became most strange… And so I commanded the hole moles without telling him. I wanted them to dig a separate passage in case we needed to escape. I had only told a few trusted orcs who did not wish to fight. Surely they would have used it to escape once Mordred started his coup.”


We had indeed seen several other footprints leading to this place. You had to follow the wall quite a bit to find them. The hidden door would have been hard to find otherwise. They must have taken their times after he was captured to escape during the night. And now there was no one in the settlement. In other words, those footprints were the last of the group.


“I met them when they passed through here. I told them to leave without me as I would go later. And so I have been waiting here for the right chance.”

“…Wait a minute. So what was this cell made for?”


They only needed an escape route. There was no need to create this cell.


“I wanted to keep Mordred in here. I thought that he might have a change of heart after being confined for a while… It is rather ironic that it would be me who was left here.”


He said with a self-deprecating smile and then sighed. I see…he wanted to see if he could start over. Arthur. He wasn’t going to kill someone who tried to rebel but give them another chance.


“Hmm…This is what we will do then. First, Arthur. You must escape. We Adventurers will deal with Mordred.”

“I suppose things will only grow complicated if I am there…I am sorry.”

“Do not be. You must run away and follow your people. And live freely.”

“Yeah. That would be for the best. A moving building… I’m sure you could think of something?”

“Aye. In fact, I have a few ideas. I look forward to trying them.”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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