10 Years After – 1


One day, I felt the powerful presence of magic approach from the other dimension.



It was the Devil King who appeared with a monstrous roar.


“So you’re back already. That was quick.”


I was sure that it would take a decade, or at the least, several years for him to return.

This was unexpected.


The Devil King was unleashing bursts of flames that blazed with immense magical energy.

Even when it was blocked with a barrier, I could feel the heat. My hair burned.


Just when the Devil King’s fiery attack ended, I closed the gap between us.

And slashed at him with Drain Sword.




The Devil King screams. It was more effective than I thought.

I continued to activate drain touch as the Devil King wavered.

But now the Devil King had created a barrier of magic.

Drain Touch could not pierce it.


While he was in agony, the Devil King swings his magic sword. I quickly jump back.

However, the surface of my stomach is slashed in a straight line.


We continue to fight, I with the Drain Sword and he with his magic sword.

Our swords clash again and again, and the fight stretches on.


And then it happened, my dear friend, the Drain Sword is shattered.

A devil general’s sword was no match for a Devil King’s sword.




The Devil King sees that he has an advantage. He even seemed to laugh for a second.

But this could also be seen as him letting his guard down, leaving an opening.

And I was going to punish him for it.


“What sword? I’m not a fighter, I’m a Sorcerer!”


I launched a fireball into his stomach. In a second, the Devil King erupted into flames.

Then I rushed forward and stuck my hand into the flames.

Drain Touch.


The magic barrier was using all of its energy to stop the flames.

And so this time, Drain Touch went through it.


My skin burned.

But at the same time, Drain Touch was sucking in new energy and repairing me.

My skin continued to burn and regenerate over and over.

The pain was enormous. But I don’t care. I continue to burn and drain.


After all, it was the Devil King who was both burning and losing his life source.




Finally, he stopped moving.

And turned into ash. And then that turned into mana and disappeared.


It was a complete annihilation.


After killing the Devil King, I continued to scan the area, not letting my guard down.

But the devils were no longer appearing.


“Is it…done?”

I muttered, but there was no one to reply.


I had finally done it. I had been able to protect the Heroes and our world.

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  1. Thanks for picking this up.

    Honestly, I dont think you need to translate it from chapter 1, you can put a note about character name change. But its up to you, its fine either way 😀

    For the name Ruck, if I’m not wrong it was Rakku. You could also write it as Raku or just Rak.
    And then Rock or just Rok for his alias.

    • It’s hard to figure out. I feel like the author intended it to be Ruck/Rack/Luck/Lack going by how it is written, and so I chose the one I preferred.

  2. Does that mean Ruck had to fight 10 years without going to the bathroom? Or maybe he has a spell to take care of his bodily functions?

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