10 Years After – 109


“Yes, you would have. The only other people who could have done it are Eric or Goran.”


Had it been a team of more men, the beastkin wolves would have known about it.

After all, there were a number of their warriors serving in the palace now.

And it would not make much sense to form a vampire hunting party without them.

So the chiefs would have known that the High Lord was killed by a very small number of people at the most.


“I see. But Eric and I have no reason to hide such a thing, so that only leaves Locke.”


Party members during the High Lord hunt included Eric, Goran, Shia and me.

So us four would have been suspected first.


Shia would not lie to her people about that. It was the same with Eric and Goran.

So then I would be the most likely candidate.


Danton said,

“Yes, I would have definitely visited you and asked some questions.”

“I’m sure you would.”

“You don’t have to… But it would be very helpful if you could tell me about it.”


Danton asked. And so I thought about it.


“How much did Eric tell you?”

“Hmm…His Majesty…”


Eric’s report said that I had killed the High Lord.

And that there was a chance that more were working behind the scenes.

They were probably inside of the royal capital.

And that he should not kill any vampire thralls immediately.

He must find out where they lived and what they are doing first.


“That is what His Majesty said.”

“…I see.”


And then I said,

“Shia already knows about this…”


“Well, she was quite involved. She helped me a lot on this mission to kill the High Lord.”

“My daughter was actually useful?”

“Yes, very much so.”

“I am glad to hear that.”


Danton said with a mixture of happiness and pride.

And so I decided to tell him all about the incident with the High Lord.

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    • He already said he was telling her when they got back then Lord Woolcote dropped in to check on his daughter.

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