Tensei Kenja – 98


5 minutes later, we discovered the Rush Bulls.

There were 3 of them. …It seemed like the perfect number.


‘There are your monsters.’




And so I pointed at the Rush Bulls.

The Proud Wolf looked towards them hesitantly.


‘Hah! Those guys look really weak!”

He suddenly sounded very cheerful.

Apparently, he regarded the Rush Bulls as being weaker than him.


‘Proud Wolf. Will you do it for us?’


‘Leave it to me! I’ll wipe those weaklings out in no time!’


The Proud Wolf said happily as he charged forward.


Perhaps it was a characteristic of Proud Wolves to become cheerful when facing weaker enemies.

When I had first met him, he had attacked me quite menacingly. But then he shrunk down the moment he realized that he couldn’t win.


As I thought about this—the assassins also noticed that the battle had started.


‘Oh, he’s encountered a monster.’


‘What monster?’


‘3 Rush Bulls. Well, they’re small fry.’


“…Well, it’s still a fight. We should get a closer look.’


It seemed like they were going to come closer to watch.

…Hmm. I was actually quite grateful for that. The Proud Wolf didn’t usually fight, so he might as well have a bigger audience.

As soon as they saw that I was just an ordinary Tamer, they would take me off of the assassination list.

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  1. Or, you know, you could knock them out using slimes + magic transfer, and get them to commit sudoku if you’re unable to get any useful information out of them. They do have a tendency to do that, after all, and they are terrorists… so, you’d not be in the wrong (legally speaking, in addition to just morally) for killing them, let alone just knocking out someone who was definitely stalking you. If they choose to kill themselves upon being knocked out and asked why they were stalking you, well, that’s their doing, and not your fault.

      • They probably just forgot… I mean, it’s over a few days and this probably isn’t the only story they are reading…

        If it’s not read straight through and mixed with chapters of a bunch of other novels, it’d be harder to keep track… you know???

  2. Would be funny if his plan backfired by proud wolf doing too well that the assassins deem him as a threat as a tamer. Although if proud wolf got thrashed and his plan works.that would also be funny just in a different matter.

  3. “…Well, it’s still a fight. We should get a closer look.’ ~ starts with quotation marks, ends with apostrophe 😀

    I can ‘feel’ a couple ways this whole plan of Yuji will fail. At some point he should realize he’s the MC, and can’t escape the attention of the baddies. It’s a thing/trope of web novels, the MC is cursed to fight the bad guys. Oh well, still funny, and those magical jelly puddings are so adorable.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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