Jack of all Trades – 203

Powerful Magic and the Grotesque Giant


My hands gripped the icy-looking spear tightly, but it was not cold at all.

However, it would not be the same for whoever ended up on the other end. I had learned that from Jack of all Trades, Master of None. In other words, attacks with this spear would be effective on this enemy. I steeled myself to be able to enact what I had just simulated.


Daniela fired off another arrow as she charged forward. It struck its nose just as I jabbed my spear into its side. A patch of white frost appeared around the wound near its belly, but it was rather small. Either Grendel was just that tough, or my magic was in fact, inadequate. Perhaps my skill with a spear also had an effect.


However, it was not worthless. I could tell by his roar of pain.



“Damn, this guy is huge!”

“He is a giant, after all. Look at how hard he attacks. Be careful.”

“I know!”


It sounded really painful, but I had no intention of stopping. I pulled the spear out and thrust it right back in. At the same time, I gathered up magical energy and sent it through the spear. The result was rather surprising.

I had assumed that the frost around the wound would just spread, but it did not. Instead, it seemed to be absorbed into his body.

And then I remembered what Daniela had said. Something about consorting…perhaps it had inherited the cells of some creature with the ice attribute.


“This is bad.”


Sending magic directly was a terrible idea. It could awaken something within its genes.

Adding magic to an attack was fine. But not sending it directly. With that lesson learned, I moved back.




And then I tried creating Ice Arrows and launching them at him. They pierced into his forearm, entering quite deeply before freezing the surface. Magic was effective, clearly.


“I see!”

“What do you see?”


Daniela moved away as the monster flinched at my attack. She came beside me.


“I tried sending magic through the spear just now, but it was absorbed. However, normal magic attacks can do damage.”

“Ah… In that case, I would like to see what you did when killing the Loup-garou. It was an original spell, was it not?”

“Oh, that?”


‘Niflheim.’ It was the name I gave to my strongest magic. And I could hardly deny such a request from Daniela. And so I used the power of my ice dragon armor to create it from a Frost Sword.


“It just looks like a really large Frost Sword, but…it is much more extravagant.”


Daniela muttered. Even now, she was attacking Grendel and keeping his attention away from me.


“It’s not just a fancy Ice Sword. This is the most powerful magic I can use. It is called Niflheim.”

“I see…that is a good name…”


She said with a look of strong distaste. That’s fine. I never said I was good at naming things. I could still remember the various embarrassing choices I made in the past.


I thrust the spear into the ground and instead held the long grip of the sword. When I let go, the spear stopped emitting its cold breath and returned to normal. On the other hand, Niflheim was now crackling with overwhelming coldness.


“Daniela, here it goes!”



On my signal, Daniela backed away as I unleashed wind magic at Grendel’s feet. Grendel had been about to go after her but hesitated. That was when the ground burst from right under him, staggering him even further. It was perfect.


With Legs of the God Wolf cloaking my feet, I controlled the wind while dashing through the air in order to attack him from the side. However, this sword was not for cutting. It was the same with the Loup-garou. The thing that cut it directly were the two swords that were in my hands.

This sword…no, this magic’s true worth was the ability to freeze instantly.


I pointed the sword downward and dropped down so the blade thrust into Grendel’s shoulder. He must have seen me from the corner of his eye because his head turned to look. Still, there was no time for a counter-attack, much less a death cry. 

He was now encased in ice. 

I let go of Niflheim and it shattered before returning to mana.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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