Jack of all Trades – 203


What was left now was an ice statue. Yes, some might even call it a great work of art.


“…This is frightening magic.”

“I think so too.”


However, there were limitations, like the fact that I could only activate it while wearing my armor. But that would be resolved eventually. When that happened, how different would the world appear to me?


“Is it really dead?”

“Yeah. It should be since the heart is completely frozen.”


Surely it wouldn’t come back to life if defrosted later… Still, I was getting worried. It would be best to cut it up while I could and store it in the hollow bag.


Ultimately, we were able to kill the giant without taking any damage or losing much time. I wasn’t sure if I should be disappointed about it ending so soon or celebrating my own growth. The only thing I knew for sure was that I would have died in an instant had I still been the same guy who woke up on that hill in the mist.

And so I decided to just see it as growth.


I had come so far from being that guy who ran away from wolves.


It even made me feel a little proud. Yeah, I’ve done alright for myself.


“Asagi. We should hurry and dismember it.”

“Oh, right.”


Daniela’s voice pulled me out of my reverie. And so I put the spear back in the bag and took out the Schwarz Tempest instead. The only way to cut up the block of ice was to use this sword after infusing it with magic.

Daniela guarded the area as I used the great sword and Legs of the God Wolf to cut off Grendel’s arms, head, and legs. The limbs were cut down further at the joints. I checked to see if the torso would fit in the bag as it was, and it did.

Then I put away the arms and legs, which left the head. This head was about a third of my height. He could probably have taken half of my body off with one bite.


“I really wonder how many descendants have resulted from this thing mating with other creatures.”

“Indeed… From what I have heard, goblins and orcs are most common. But there are tales of lizards and unicorns as well.”

“What a player…”


He could learn a thing or two about loyalty from me…


“Yes, and there have even been dragons. It is most shocking that it was capable of making a dragon conceive.”


What a horrible thought… Daniela shuddered. While she was getting better, there was still a general fear of them that remained.

“Well, that’s a lot of power to be passed on for generations…and it’s going to end up as my trousers.”

“…What? Surely you cannot make trousers out of Grendel.”



Now, this was most shocking. I had every intention of using the materials as new clothes!


“Grendel’s power is a combination of too many things and cannot be controlled. Yes, the materials are rare, but it will be difficult to infuse with magic and make it your own. There may be some dragon power in there, but it just at the genetic level.”

“You’ve got to be kidding…”


So…what is this guy useful for?


“In general, I would say food. I do not know why, but tasty flesh has also been passed on. Apparently, they get better every generation.”

“I see…”


Exotic meats do have a reputation… But who would ever want to eat this thing?


“And so they are monsters that are often hunted excessively. That is in spite of the difficulty of actually killing them.”

“Sounds like a comic I once read…”


This was a surprising development. But at this rate, I was going to enter the Imperial Sword Tournament as the Half-pants Adventurer. Finding clothes would have to be our main priority when we arrive. And with that, I finished stuffing Grendel into the bag, picked Daniela up, and rushed after Mister and the wagons.

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  1. Cheers for the chapter!

    O.o wants to make pants out of a monster that can breed with practically anything…..
    Be careful Daniela, seems your man has some thoughts of starting a family xD

  2. Needs a trouser good enough to handle god wolf powers~ else he would spend alot of gold for a pair of trousers everytime it breaks 😄

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