Jack of all Trades – 41

The City of the Plains

“There now, good, good…”


Fiona was petting her half unicorn Poshule on the other side of the wall near the gate. It did not take long before the city guards returned. One figure in the group sees us and raises his spear. Then he barks some orders at the other men before running towards us. Judging by the spear he is wielding, he must be the one who was leading them.


“Ahhh, that was really something!”

“You just might have saved us.”


I accept the offered hand and shake. The grip was a little painful.


“That was a brilliant attack you used to bring down the wyvern! It appeared to be magic from where I was watching!”


I hesitated for a second but figured it was nothing compared to having people know about ‘Legs of the forest wolf.’ They didn’t know, right?


“It was ice magic. I gave it a good beating in its left eye.”

“Indeed! It could not have been easy to aim so precisely… Yes, the wound on its face was quite hideous. We might not have been able to kill it had it not been for that wound. I would not be exaggerating when I say that you are the hero of this city!”

“No, no. That is an exaggeration. I’m just an adventurer.”


Damn. Damn it. He was getting carried away now.


“Is that so? I do not believe the average adventurer to be capable of such a feat.”

“It was only a coincidence. I was so desperate to escape from it.”

“Ah, well, if you insist…”


He seemed a little reluctant but at least he had calmed down. I had been in serious danger of being treated as the hero who saved the city. It was too much of a burden for this part-time worker and adventurer.


“Ah, how rude of me! I am the captain of the guards in this cities western district. My name is Harold. It is my honor to make your acquaintance.”

“The honor is mine. Commander. I am Asagi.”


This time it was Harold who grabbed my hand and shook it. It was still painful.


“And I am sure that these two ladies are also tired! Let me see, yes. I can show you the best inn in the city if you like?”

“Ah, we do not have that much money with us. I think we will look for an ordinary inn.”

“Hahaha! I had thought to put our hero in the best inn possible. Please excuse me!”


If you could stop calling me a hero first…


In the end, we had Harold show us the way to an ordinary inn. We only needed instructions I told him, but he would not give in and took us there himself. This commander was a passionate man.


“Well, I will take my leave now. Come by the guardhouse if you need anything! I will tell them about you so that you are invited in if you give them my name!”

“Thank you for everything. Till next time then.”


This time I gripped his hand as hard as I could in return. He smiled slyly and increased the pressure in his own grip. Shit. I guess he hated to lose.


I watched him disappear down the road before turning to face my two companions.


“So, now what? He brought us here and, well, I suppose this will be our new home for a while.”


Daniela had regained much of herself by now and nodded.


“Judging by its appearance, it is at least up to the same standard as the inn in Fhiraldo. I am in agreement with you. Harold has chosen a fine place for us to stay.”


Daniela says as she inspects the building. It did seem like the perfect place for adventurers.

It wasn’t too fancy but also avoided being filthy. Just the right level for an inn.


“Well, I must show up at the guild. I do wish I could stay with you, but guild members have their own lodgings. Oh well…”

“Right. Goodbye then.”

“Huh? Is that how you talk to your friends now? And you called me Fiona just a moment ago!”

“It was an emergency. See you later then.”


I picked up my belongings and was about to enter the inn when something grabbed me from the back. I look down and see two arms wrapped around my waist.


“We are companions who escaped from the wyvern together! There’s no need for formalities!”

“And now we are guild member and adventurer again. Let’s be professional about it.”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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