Jack of all Trades – 41


I drag her along as I try to move forward.


“Oh, ohhh…I hate to be left out of things…”

“Ahh…will you just let me go?”

“But I don’t want toooo!”


I look to Daniela for help. She sees me and nods with a sigh. I knew that I could count on her!


“Asagi, do you really mean to refuse the friendship of someone so insistent?”



You’re with her!


“Exactly, Asagi! Let’s be friends!”



Daniela stares at me. I look down and see Fiona’s face near my waist. Her eyes are brimming with tears. Ugh, now this was becoming hard to refuse…


“Alright, fine! I was wrong! Now let me go!”

“So we will be friends?”

“Yes, yes! We can be friends. Now get off of me!”


Fiona finally releases me after this declaration. As I scratch my head in agitation, Fiona comes out in front of me and laughs. Seeing her smile, I understand why she had been so popular at the guild house. Perhaps it was her small frame that made them feel protective of her. She was like an oasis to those haggard adventurers. Not to me though. Maybe I wasn’t haggard enough to want an oasis.

Well, I suppose I could be friends with her… I had built a wall between us partially because I hated the jealousy and dislike that would erupt from it by the other adventurers. But if that happened again, I could just run away.


“Thank you, Asagi! Oh, and you too Daniela!”

“Aye, Asagi has a very stubborn side to him. You can depend on me whenever you need him to bend a little.”


And I had thought Master Daniela would side with me…


“Well, I am off to the guild then! You will come too, won’t you?”

“Yeah, we’ll show up after we settle down here. I’d like to get a look at the quests.”

“Understood! See you there!”


She said as she took Poshule’s reigns and disappeared down the street. Hhh…we can finally go in now.


“Shall we…”

“Hehe. You look very tired.”

“I wonder why…”


We push open the wooden doors and enter the inn. It was a little dim inside. Indirect lighting? It was very atmospheric…I hope the price wasn’t too much.


“Excuse me.”

“Yes, what can I do for you?”


I approached a somewhat elderly man by the counter. His hair was a beautiful silvery color with some white mixed in. The straight posture made me think he was a retired butler.


“We would like lodging here for a while.”

“Rooms, yes. Very good. And how long will you be staying?”

“I suppose a week for now. We may extend it after that.”


The old gentleman began to write down the date.


“Very good. Then I will do everything in my power to meet your expectations.”


He smiled as he said this. That was enough to make me think this place would be perfectly suitable for a long stay. Indeed, he was what I wanted to be like when I grew old.


“I am the owner of this inn. The name is Joshua Glassfin. May I have your names?”

“Asagi Kamiyashiro.”

“I am Daniela Villesilf. Nice to meet you.”

“Thank you.”


This he also writes down. Once he has finished recording everything he looks up and thanks us.


“Allow me to welcome you once again, Asagi and Daniela to the ‘Silver Sky Inn.’ I am at your service and hope that you enjoy your stay.”

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    • No, but hey built it up. She’s a self admitted gold digger and has seen his rapid growth more than most because she gets to see his stats after his quests.

      • Well, I know about the gold digger part, but i don’t remember the stats seeing part. It’s just feels weird because there are no event that explains it

      • She was always friendly with him, which he disliked because it made the other adventurers hate him and he wanted to stay professional. Then she saw his sudden level/rank growth and realized he would be worth something in the future and attached herself to him.

  1. “Well, I suppose I could be friends with her… I had built a wall between us partially because I hated the jealousy and dislike that would erupt from it by the other adventurers.”
    -> this guy thought process is so alien, i think he comes from an alternative earth.

  2. Asagi needs to get it in his head she wants him to hook up with Fiona because she doesn’t plan on hooking up with him. She’ll live for hundreds of years and he has dozens left.

  3. Perhaps “guild staff” would be better than “guild member” here considering Asagi, as an adventurer, is also registered at the guild, making him a “member” of the guild.

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