Jack of all Trades – 178

Wetland Town


Tanjelin was a merchant. But he worked privately with a single wagon instead of being part of a large caravan. As for the driver who nearly crushed me, his name was Laptor.

Daniela was waiting under the tree as the wagon drew up in front of it. Then we sat under the tarp and wiped ourselves with cloth.


“Ah, I really owe you for this!”

“Well, you helped us as well. We’ll call it even.”


I patted down Daniela’s hair with a towel. A protagonist with a better cheat skill would have created a warm wind to dry us, but I was just not that powerful.


“You two were stuck in the rain. I was in mortal danger. How harmonious!”

“Uh, I guess. Hehe.”


Thinking about it now, I could have been struck by lightning. And I wasn’t sure how to feel about that.


“The least I can do is take you to the next town!”

“That’s all we would ask. Thank you.”

“Thank you.”


Daniela rarely said much more than that during such times. However, seeing her almost androgynous beauty soften into a gentle smile was practically an arrow to the heart. It really wasn’t very fair. And now she was also dripping wet. So unfair.


“As it so happens…I, well, have heard what you might call rumors… Barely anything, really…but I have heard vague things about you two before, if I am not wrong…”


Well, merchants tended to have an ear for such things. Information was money. He probably heard some bad things about us as well.


“Uh, yeah. We don’t mean to, but we’ve recently attracted some attention… So, we are probably the people you are thinking of.”

“Ahh, I thought so! Wyvern slayer. Stampede suppressor. You destroyed the army of orcs that attacked a village. Legendary Adventurers who cleaned a town of bandits and killed their wind dragon! Silvergreen and Lightwind. The famous duo! ‘Wind of Light and Silver!’”


Well, he wasn’t wrong in the details, but the wording sounded malicious…

Legendary? Legendary? And ‘Wind of Light and Silver’? That’s a new one. Our party had a name now, apparently.


“Ah, that would be our party name.”

“It is? That’s news to me.”
“I applied for it. Back in Spiris.”



Not only was it tremendously embarrassing, but all the way back in Spiris? That long ago?!


“I feel incredibly lucky to have met with you two!”

“A mere coincidence, surely.”

“No, I shall call it the hand of fate! Yes, that’s what it is!”


Mister Tanjelin was getting a little too excited in my opinion. We were just your average Adventurers. So average that we had to wait under a tree while it rained.


“Still, this meeting will be a most important memory for me.”

“I won’t argue with that. Seriously.”


The wagon continued under the pouring rain. It contained a high-spirited merchant and two wet Adventurers. Later, the driver would tell his listeners:


‘I have never seen Mister Tanjelin look so energetic before.’


  □   □   □   □


I could see the lights of the town now. The sky was still covered in darkness, so they must have needed to have them on. Though, I could only see it faintly through the rain. Judging by the distance and our speed, we would arrive in half an hour at least. And so Daniela and I prepared to get out and enter the town.


“We are almost there.”

“Yes. Thank you again.”

“No, thank you!


My hand was quite dry now as we shook. It was an unexpected encounter, but most beneficial for both of us.

I moved carefully in the wagon to the front and pushed the tarp away to talk to the driver.


“Thanks for helping us in this rain.”

“Oh, don’t mention it. I feel quite bad for nearly killing you back there.”

“It wasn’t your fault. Accidents happen.”

“Well, it has taken a weight off of my shoulders to hear you say that.”


Laptor was just desperate to outrun the monster. It was dangerous, but no one was hurt, at least.


“We will be arriving soon. You may as well rest while you can.”

“Thank you.”


I said and disappeared behind the tarp again.


We would sway inside of the wagon for a little while longer.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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