Jack of all Trades – 40

Running Man, Running Horse, Flying Wyvern

My hair moves as the emerald and silver wind bursts around my feet. Mysteriously, the wind against my body does not feel too strong in spite of my speed. Perhaps this was part of the ability.


“Run! Go Poshule!”


I could hear Fiona encouraging her half unicorn behind me. For such a beautiful half unicorn…it was a good name!


“Daniela, are you alright?”


I look down at her and ask. Her hands are still shaking as she clutches onto my clothes. But…


“Aye…I am fine.”


She was still nervous, but at least she was no longer completely stunned. I wanted to run like this all the way to Spiris if possible. But there was one problem.

I wasn’t sure if this city of the plains had a system of defense that could take on the wyvern. If this just happened to be a rare incident in these parts, things could get real bad. It would mean that we were bringing a huge disaster with us to the city.

But if wyvern attacks were common here?


I look at the walls which are getting closer and closer. They looked to be around 3 to 4 meters in height. They were impressive walls. Now, if only those were made to help protect them from wyverns…



The roar of the flying beast explodes behind us. It was enough to turn your blood cold. However, there was no way I could allow it to slow me down now.


“How are you doing! Fiona!”

“I am fine! But this is horrifying!”


Well, I was relieved that she could say that much in this situation. I wasn’t sure just how fast the wyvern could get, but it seemed that it wasn’t quite as fast as a half unicorn, much less the ‘legs of a forest wolf.’


“We’re almost at Spiris! Can that city handle a wyvern!?”


I ask Fiona as she rides behind me. She’s a guild member and had been the first to react to this aerial assault. Perhaps she knew something about the city’s defenses.”


“It is fine! Keep going!!”


Got it. I look over my shoulder and nod. The half unicorn blows air from its nostrils and does its best to catch up with me. And so the distance between us and the wyvern grows.


“Daniela, do you have something like a whistling arrow?”

“No, I…do not. But you want to alert the city? Then…”


With shaking hands, Daniela takes out a single arrow from her quiver.


“It is a flash arrow. With this…”

“Are you able to shoot it?”


I ask gently. Daniela nods.


“There is no point in shooting it unless it is from here.”


She says with a severe expression. I manage to carry her with one arm as I sheath my sword before carrying her with both arms again. Thankfully, she was rather light.

And then Daniela takes out her bow and aimes at a point above the city. With it, she had nocked this arrow that she called a flash arrow. As its name suggested, it was likely going to emit some sort of light. I tell Fiona that we were ready.


“We are going to shoot a flash arrow to let the city know that we are coming. Be careful of the light!”



Fiona hugged the half unicorn’s neck tightly and whispered, “It’s going to be alright.”


Seeing this, Daniela nods and pulls back as far as the bowstring will allow, then releases. The arrow flies towards the city. I estimated it to be at around the halfway point between the city and us before it exploded into a bright light in the air. The cities guards must have surely become aware of the wyvern by now. And so they would become aware of us.


“Very impressive, Master Daniela. That’s perfect.”

“Mm… You are a good student, young Asagi.”


She was now calm enough to return my jokes. The only thing I was worried about was that her cheeks looked a little red.



Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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