Jack of all Trades – 40


Now, all we had to do was run. ‘Legs of the forest wolf’ meant I would not get tired. Well, I was almost certain that the pain would appear to a ridiculous degree later, but I couldn’t think about that now. Who knew how long the half unicorn could run? It had come all this way through the forest from Fhiraldo, so it must be pretty tired already.


The city was getting closer and closer. Those walls which looked so high were armed with ballistae. Perhaps those were used to attack the wyverns. I was sure then, that our approach should not be a problem. I could even see soldiers busily running on the ramparts.


Now there were guardsmen running out of the city gate. The one who stood in the lead was swinging a spear above his head. Was he calling to us? The guardsmen split into two sides with him in the center. I suppose they wanted us to go through them. I look towards Fiona and she nods. There was nothing to do but run.

But was it a good idea to continue running like this with ‘Legs of the forest wolf’…?


“Daniela, I want to avoid being seen using this skill. Though, I’m not sure if it isn’t already too late…”

“Aye, indeed… I think I can run now, thanks to you. Throw me aside just before you get to the hill. You should then grab onto the half unicorn.”

“What, I can’t do that…?”


I was starting to get the hang of it, and so I slow down my speed a little. I run parallel to Fiona and discuss it.


“Then all three of us can ride. Poshule can handle it!”


Apparently, he could handle it. Half unicorns were amazing.




The wyvern roars once again behind us. There was an obvious rage in its voice over the fact that we were getting away. Of course, we were not so kind as to relieve it of this frustration.

Daniela reaches out a hand to the half unicorn. Just as I wonder what she is doing, I see that she is sending a current of magic energy. It was probably wind magic. For a second, the half unicorn is able to pass me. Not wanting to lose, I pass it once again. This repeats several times until we reach the last hill. Here we were no longer in sight of the city guards.

Daniela climbs onto the half unicorn as it goes up the hill, and I also stretch out an arm in order to get on. Daniela grabs my arm and pulls me up onto the horse. It’s clearly not very safe to be riding on the rear side of it, but we were almost there at least.

Then Daniela takes my arms and wraps them around her waist. She was telling me to hold on. I didn’t need any further encouragement as I held on tight. Hmm, perhaps I would be able to attack it from this position. I felt like the wyvern deserved some kind of thank you for making us run so much.


“Watch this… Here’s a shot to remember us by.”



Daniela looks at me with confusion. Her reaction makes me smile with a child-like mischievousness.

The half unicorn had now gone up all the way and was now descending the hill. It was just a little more now. We could see that the ballistae on the castle walls were aimed at the wyvern.

I stretch out my empty hand. The weapon that I create is the same ‘ice sword’ made of blue ice magic that I used in the fight against the orcs. I point the sword at the wyvern. There wasn’t much time, but I carefully take aim.


“We’re almost there!”


Fiona shouts. And I fire at the same moment. Just as I had intended, it is sucked into the left eye of the wyvern. The force of the sword being launched along with the oncoming speed of the wyvern was enough to make the blade sink all the way up to its hilt.




The sudden shock of pain causes the wyvern to lose control of its wings, and it plunges to the ground. Then it lunges forward, sliding through the fields of grass in a last desperate attempt to attack, but we are too far away now. I wave at the city guards with a newly formed sword of ice so they can see.




The voices are powerful. A battle cry that is loud enough to make the air shake. These voices surround us as we ride through the space between them. The guard in the lead who is wielding the spear points it at the wyvern and shouts the command.




We could hear the sounds of strings that were strained to their limits being unleashed over our heads. The sounds of ballistae firing. The screams of the wyvern immediately followed. Poshule, the half unicorn did not seem to be the least bit concerned about the fight occurring behind him. He finished the race, blasting straight into Spiris without having slowed down even once.

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    • They were aiming the ballista at the Wyvern which uses a giant spear bolt and shot it.
      Can you imagine if they actually threw something of that size? They’d be more of a spartan than the ones in the movie 300

  1. I like these battles. The characters are being aware of their own strength, and not too OP. It’s quite thrilling reading how they plan the battle, and carrying it out. Even more when it’s random encounter like this and they make quick decision whether to fight or run.

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