Jack of all Trades – 86

A Man Should Be Quiet and Carry a Sword

“Hellooo. I’d like to buy some weapons.”

Kasil Arms Shop was empty. Was it closed then? I wondered, but then again, the door was unlocked. The walls of the store were lined with all kinds of weapons. None of them were fancy-looking. Their designs clearly focused on practicality and function.

And then maybe there was just a small embellishment added to make them distinct. I liked their way of doing things.

“There’s no one here.”

“Maybe they are in the back?”

“Should we really just walk in here?”

“It is not our fault that there is no one here. If anything, we should make sure that they will not be inviting any thieves in.”

“Maybe you’re right…I’ll take a look.”

“Yes. I will wait out here.”

As the owner seemed to have no intention of appearing, I talked about it with Daniela and decided to go towards the back from behind the counter.

There was a hallway behind the door, and there was a light on. Hello? I call as check the doors.

“Ah, it’s hot…a smithy…? Hello. Anyone here?”

I came out into a large room that was illuminated by the light of a furnace. It was incredibly warm inside, perhaps because the door was closed. I was being steamed alive.

“It’s damn hot…but still, it would probably be much worse without this ice dragon armor…”

Flames were bursting from inside of the furnace. Hot air shot out and wrecked my hair. I really needed a haircut… I looked around the room, but I couldn’t see anyone.

“Hmm…I wouldn’t be surprised if someone fainted in this heat, but it doesn’t look to be the…what!?”

I wiped at the sweat on my forehead and turned around to leave, and saw someone on the floor behind the door. A bushy beard. A hammer in hand. A blacksmith in appearance. Judging by his state, it looked like he had lost consciousness while trying to escape from the room. It had been completely out of my vision. I frantically ran over to him and tried to pull him up, but he was too heavy. And so I had no choice but to drag him out of the room.

“Damn, you’re heavy….but we need to get you some help!”

I took out a blanket from the hollow bag that we used when out camping and somehow managed to roll the blacksmith onto it. Next, I created a block of ice with magic. I didn’t think about it too much as the thing cracked and creaked into shape on my palm. Then I put the ice blocks near his neck, under his arms, and around his feet. And lastly, I froze a wet towel and placed it over his forehead.

“I guess that just about does it…”

I was pretty sure that this was how to deal with it. There were a lot of shows on tv that taught you about this in the summer…it’s a good thing I gave them the minimum amount of my attention necessary. Yes!

“I was getting worried because you were late…what happened here?”

“Ah, Daniela. This guy passed out in the smithy. It was ridiculously hot in there, so it might be a heatstroke.”

“A heatstroke…is that what happens when you are in a very hot place?”

“You could say that. It happens when you are dehydrated and your salt is depleted.”

“I see…we must be careful when we visit volcanic mountains.”

I was about to ask when we had ever decided to visit a volcanic mountain, but the then the blacksmith suddenly groaned and opened his eyes.

“Mmm, mm…”

“Oh, are you awake? How do you feel?”

“Aghhh…my head…who the hell are you…”

He seemed too dazed to stand up and continued to stare at the ceiling. But he could at least reply to my questions. That was good.

“A customer. There was no one around when we came in, so I tried to look around, and you had fainted in the smithy.”

“Mgahhh…yes, I was working. I do remember trying to leave the room after feeling dizzy…but I couldn’t…”

“Yes. You were just one step short of the door, too.”

He was so close. It really was too bad. I guess it showed how preoccupied he had been with his work. He needed to be more careful if he wanted to continue to work. That was a big problem for me, as I needed to buy weapons.

“Sorry…thank you for the help. I am fine now. Let’s go to the store.”

“Are you sure? You don’t have to push yourself, alright?”

“Ah, this is nothing…oh, oh, still a little shaky.”

Maybe he didn’t understand the meaning of fine?



Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. Just a health notes

    Never put ice or throw could water onto a person who is suffering from heatstroke! They might go into shock!

    Standard procedure, is to move the person to a cool, shaded place, open up their collar or anything that can inhibit breathing and give them lukewarm water once they gain consciousness.

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