Jack of all Trades – 86


“Ah, you’ll have to pardon me. But I have to sit down because of my head. So you want weapons, eh? What kind of weapons?”


Blacksmith Kasil sat down on a chair behind the counter and looked up at me as we started to talk business.


“A one-handed straight sword. And a short sword. Something light and durable would be great.”

“Hmm…well…ah, sorry. Could you bring that one on the shelf over there…. Yes, that one. That would be the very light model of our one-handed straight sword.”


I tried holding the sword that he had indicated. It really was light. About the same as an iron sword. However, the color of the blade was not that of iron.


“What is this made of?”

“That one is made from the carved fang of a leva tiger. It’s a fine piece, made from the strongest and longest tooth. They say that there is nearly nothing that that tiger’s fangs cannot cut through. And now it’s been reshaped and polished. I dare say that you will be able to sever almost anything with it. Though, it won’t be cheap. People don’t go killing leva tigers until their at least Ruby Rank.”


He was a lot more talkative than what I’d expect for a man who was unconscious a few minutes ago…but some people liked to talk when it was related to their profession…

Apparently, this Ruby Rank was Rank A within the guild. In terms of levels, it started from 81.

This was quite a sword… It seemed kind of insane to sharpen a fang that could cut anything. What would happen if my hand slipped… However, I didn’t require something of this caliber right now. It was not something I was confident that I could handle. And how was this in a sheath if it could cut through everything? Quite the contradiction there.


“Ah, I can see it in your face. You are wondering how it is in a sheath, aren’t you? But this isn’t just any ordinary sheath. This sheath has an enchantment of Indestructibility. In other words, it will not break. It cannot be cut. That also brings the price up quite a lot.”

“That seems like it would be a very difficult enchantment to cast.”

“Indeed. It is beyond what an ordinary enchanter could do. I had it especially done by a famous enchanter.”


Huh, you don’t say.


“And what was this enchanter’s name?”

“Ah? Are you interested then, young lady?”


Daniela intruded! We were supposed to be more careful!


“Her name is Rachel Vanargand. She does not stay at any one location, so meeting her is close to a miracle. It certainly was for me. I believe she was headed for the Lambrusen republic next.”



Daniela repeated the name as if to carve it into her memory. Lambrusen huh…I guess we just missed her. This Rachel Vanargand was likely the enchanter that Nick had talked about. Not the person who enchanted my equipment, though.

But the name Vanargand caught my interest. Vanargand was another name for the wolf god, Fenrir. The wolf that swallowed Odin during Ragnarok. Wolf. A wolf. It was also a wolf that had granted me Legs of the Forest Wolf.


“So, have you decided on it?”


Kasil’s voice brought me back to the present. I looked at the sword in my hand and shook my head.


“I think I’ll go with something a little more simple.”

“I see. Then try the sword next to it. I think that it should satisfy you. It has no fancy enchantments. It is a simple sword that excels in durability. That sword was made by heating armor stone to such a temperature that even a pyromancer would be shocked by. Unfortunately, it is on the heavy side.”


I pick up the sword that he suggested. This sword that pursued durability definitely was hefty. A little more so than a steel sword. It had no unnecessary embellishments, making it no heavier than what was absolutely necessary. Taking it out of its sheath showed that the blade was an oxidized silver. The matte surface did not reflect my face.


“Does this sword have a name?”

“Aye, it does. The Glampanzer.”

“Glampanzer…armored demon sword.”


A sword that is named after armor. I like it. I choose you!


“I’ll take it.”

“Good choice! That will be thirty-five gold pieces!”


“I’ll make it twenty. Since you helped me!”



I brought out twenty gold pieces from the hollow bag and handed them over to Kasil. He carefully counted them one by one before putting them in a safe.


“Now, a short sword is it? I suppose you want this one to be very durable as well?”

“Yes. Functionality and durability for me.”

“Understood. Hmm, behind that shelf over there…”


And so this passionate business between us men continued. It goes without saying, that Daniela was not too amused at being completely abandoned, and made it very clear to me later on.

Ultimately, I was not able to come to a decision, and so I had to go again on the next day. Daniela had stormed away, saying she would do something on her own this time. And so I swore that I would buy her something sweet on the way back, as I opened the door to Kasil’s Arms Shop once again.

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    What’s with that reaction? If women goes shopping, their men has to quietly accompany them and carry their stuff. But if men goes shopping, the complain.

  2. Thanks for the chapter, is that atitude that hurts the relationships Asagi you should have at least watched for some extra equipment for her.

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